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Rihanna reveals fashion moments she will never repeat as a “New Young Lady”

Rihanna is arguably the fashion icon of our time, with countless fashion hits under her belt. (Seriously, try and make a top 10 list of her best looks ever; you can't! There are too many hits.) However, that doesn't mean she doesn't look back and wish she could have done a few things differently — or leave certain trends in her past.

Recently, Rihanna chatted with British Vogue for a a few minutes while she was in London promoting her Puma sneakers and asked her about red carpet regrets and "fashion picks," and in true Rihanna style, she delivered.

Image: Instagram/@Priscillaono

Though Rihanna clearly loves pretty much everything she's ever worn, one outfit didn't quite live up to the hype when she put it on. "It was something maybe close to this, which seems kind of ironic …" Rihanna explained, gesturing to the oversized Peter Do suit she was wearing on the red carpet. "There was a brown, tan suit that we loved so much. The day we put it on, it was like … 'It's giving UPS driver.'"

What about the moments that give her the "fashion ick" today? Currently, she's not a fan of showing her nipples. (RIP, Adam Selman's crystal naked dress.) "It's gonna sound hypocritical because I did so much sh*t in my life. I had my nipples out, I had my panties out…" Rih shared. "But now those are the things that as a mom, an evolved young lady — emphasis on young — things that I just feel like I would never do, I'm like, 'Oh my god, I really did that? Nips out?'"

Image: Instagram

Of course, Rihanna answers in a tongue-in-cheek manner, especially when she says "emphasis on young," so maybe those sheer looks make her cringe now but won't in the future, or maybe she's moved on from the visible nipples look entirely! She's always been a risk-taker and trendsetter with a closet packed with expensive couture and pieces from the coolest young designers, so you never know what she'll wear next.

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