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Sexy Swimsuits for the Babes at the Beach

Tis the season for lots of fun in the sun and multiple trips to the beach, and we love nothing more than rocking a sexy swimsuit. The latest trend is definitely the high waisted that just covers your crotch area vibe but don’t worry if this is not for you. We have a vast array of styles to suit every type of woman. The key is to look sexy and feel comfortable simultaneously. Your only worry should be to remember to re apply your sunscreen.

We’ve curated a few of our fave styles to help you in your search of the perfect swimsuit. Bright colours are always a good idea as they echo summer but if you prefer more neutral tones why not choose one that has interesting textures and designs on them. If you veer towards a full costume perhaps try a boob tube version with ruching details for a fresh update.

Whatever your vibe, whether it’s an itty bitty bikini, asymmetrical or high waisted swimsuit, the number one criteria is comfort.

Here are a few of our fave styles for the season.

Calvin Klein - Swimsuit Top R2299
Calvin Klein - Swimsuit Bottom R1899
Zara Draped one-piece POR
Zara Yellow rouged one-piece
Mango Classic Shell Bikini R299.99
Mango Classic Shell Bikini
Poetry one-piece R1099
Poetry Swimwear Bralette R599
Poetry Swimwear R549
H&M Bikini Top R199
H&M Bikini Bottom R199

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