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Style Rotate: The new conscious fashion rental movement for millennials

Cleo Marcopoulos and Tash Liesner
Cleo Marcopoulos and Tash Liesner

Style Rotate was founded by Cleo Marcopoulos and Tash Liesner in November 2019. The pair met as interns at a fashion magazine in 2013. Cleo who previously worked as Cosmopolitan South Africa’s fashion director, she’s always been passionate about borrowing, lending and buying vintage and second-hand, so creating a business based on the sharing economy was only a natural move her. Tash spent 5 years of her career as a buyer at one of South Africa’s largest retailers and the experience saw her see first-hand the wasteful production habits that dictate how our clothing items are made, after being exposed to the fast-fashion model it was clear her next move would be a solution towards a more conscious fashion.

Glamour got to chat with the two entrepreneurs about their business the venture, product offerings and how you can use their service.

Nox Mafu and Zipho Ntloko

GLAMOUR: Tell us a bit about your product offering?

Style Rotate: We curate our product very carefully. With Tash’s buying experience and my styling experience in the industry, we have a good eye for what people actually want to wear. We stock the products from a variety of overseas brands you can’t access in South Africa, as well as partner with local brands/designer. We are planning to be expanding our local partnerships soon! Which will mean the local brands will be more accessible to the millennial and Gen Z audience which is a huge focus for us. We stock a selection of unique dresses, two-piece sets and jumpsuits from international brands like Rat & Boa, Reformation and Keepsake and local brands like Beach Cult, ALYSU, XO - and more!

GLAMOUR: What inspired the business idea?

Style Rotate: The business is inspired by creating a solution to an unsustainable fashion model and cultivating a community of like-minded women through the spirit of fashion. We saw a need to introduce a solution to an outdated closet system and to innovate the way we dress in order to put a stop to the cycle of overconsumption and throw-away fashion. Our #SRCommunity is all about lengthening the lifespan of a garment by replacing mindless buying with rotating incredible outfits. Plus, who has time to wander around a mall in *hope* of incredible looks?

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GLAMOUR: What is your product offering and who is the target market?

Style Rotate: Our SR Girl loves fashion but believes in revolutionizing the way she consumes it. We cater to sizes 6-24 and are continuously expanding our product offering including a diverse range of both local and international designers and brands. Customers can rent from SR for a number of occasions from weddings and birthdays to business pitches and lunch meetings (we have some power suits that do just the trick).

GLAMOUR: How does the service work?

Style Rotate: Our service runs entirely online - customers can browse our website and select the 4-day rental period of their choosing through our calendar function. We take care of dry cleaning, packaging and the delivery to ensure the rental experience is seamless for the renter. Plus, for those who like to plan ahead, you can book your look up to six months in advance. We also deliver throughout South Africa.

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GLAMOUR: Have you guys collaborated with any influencers?

Style Rotate: We have recently started partnering with influencers who have a killer style to allow our rotators access to their wardrobes. Our first collab is with fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer and content creator Kiara Kittner. Check out here.

Rental prices range from R400 to R1 500, which includes delivery, dry cleaning as well as snag and spill insurance in case that glass of champagne takes a trip down your outfit. Find out more at or @stylerotate on Instagram.

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