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Slipintostyle on all things fashion, how to dress like a Parisian, life under lockdown & hopes for the future of fashion

Article by Mitchel Tanyaradzwa

Slipintostyle is a mood when it comes to how colourful her style is, how to style same pieces in different ways and matching up some prints. You can’t miss a bright colour on her Chic outfits and tiny bags in the Parisian streets. Being a girl from the Caribbean and having some Emily in Paris moments will give you thrills. Ellie started just for fun sharing her outfits as a lover of fashion till when brands fell in love with her charming character in style and started having collaborations with luxurious which makes more impact being a person of colour. Her Inspiring Parisian Style will inspire you to create unique Looks throughout 2021. The way she’s embracing her Natural hair and sometimes rocking that Afro comb on some of her looks with high end brands give us something to smile about. Her bold conversations when it comes to people of colour in the fashion industry gaining their own space are forever educational and eye opening.

Mitchumtanya: How would you describe your personal style?

Slipintostyle: My personal style is feminine, eclectic and colorful. I find inspiration everywhere from Instagram or Pinterest to art pieces for color inspiration. I enjoy people watching in Paris, it’s a great source of inspiration for me . I love trying on clothes, being experimental, see what fits, see if this or that combination works, I enjoy the creative process.

Mitchumtanya: What ignited your passion for Fashion?

Slipintothestyle: My mother. She’s a very chic lady and always has been. She always makes a point of being impeccably dressed day in day out whether it’s for going to church or for running an errand. She’s my true icon.

Mitchumtanya: Which people of colour inspire you in the fashion Industry?

Slipintostyle: I always was a Naomi Campbell fan, I’ve always admired her journey as a model in the fashion industry she’s a true icon. Another icon I am obsessed with is Tracee Ellis Ross, her fearlessness and sheer love of fashion is contagious.

Mitchumtanya: Which African fashion designer inspire you?

Slipintostyle: I love Lisa Folowiyo, aside from her stellar personal style, her designs are exquisite.

Mitchumtanya: What are your favourite 3 Black Owned Brands right now?

Slipintostyle: I love Brother Vellies shoes and for fashion Rosario Dawson’s Studio 189 brand has all the pretty prints and colors I like. As for skincare Epara has been my go to luxury brand to pamper my skin this winter.

Mitchumtanya: What type of outfits would you suggest for someone to wear when they hop on that Zoom Call during this lockdown?

Slipintostyle: Something casual still appropriate like a t-shirt but paired with a formal blazer.

Mitchumtanya: What changes would you like to see in the fashion Industry?

Slipintostyle: The nepotism has to go to make way for more new talents, fresh perspectives, more inclusivity and representation.

Mitchumtanya: How has lockdown in Paris impacted your work as a content creator?

Slipintostyle: Life in Paris has not been fun but as a content creator it has forced me to be more creative and try new things. I’m enjoying by challenging myself and coming up with new ideas like my Ellie In Paris series in which I document moments of my life as a Caribbean girl living in Paris.

Mitchumtanya: What are your top 3 songs on your playlist at the moment?

Slipintostyle: Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas. Corps by Yseult (she’s a phenomenal French singer) and some Martinican Christmas Carols.

Mitchumtanya: What is your skincare routine like?

Slipintostyle: I used to do the whole 12 steps Korean skin routine but these days I keep it simple. I always start with an essence than a serum, a rich cream to moisturize my dry skin then oil to seal everything.

Mitchumtanya: Have you already set your 2021 goals?

Slipintostyle: Yes I will no longer procrastinate, I will be grateful for every moment and won’t take things for granted!

Mitchumtanya: Three words for Milan Fashion Week?

Slipintostyle: Fun, inspirational and extra.

Mitchumtanya: Three words for Paris Fashion Week?

Slipintostyle: Timeless, chic and snobby haha

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