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The G-Star RAW jumpsuit: A one piece wonder

From utilitarian to disco-inspired, the versatile jumpsuit is an evergreen fashion staple that keeps evolving. Tall, short, petite, curvy, there are no limits—as the saying goes, ‘if you don’t jump, you don’t fly’. Times are changing, but the jumpsuit is here to stay.

Jumping back in time

From worker’s uniform to fashion favourite, the jumpsuit has a rich history. The original jumpsuit was a functional garment worn by parachuters at the beginning of the 20th century. For decades the one-piece had a solely functional image as it popped up in factories, the army or on racetracks. After WWII the world changed. Famous pop artists like Elvis Presley, but also women like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn embraced the garment. Retaining functionality while injecting fashion led to the immense popularity of the jumpsuit. The women's liberation movement gave the jumpsuit a bounce into the activist world. Since the 80s, the one-piece has been reinvented by many different designers providing more accessible options. Today the jumpsuit is more relevant than ever, and is suited for every occasion.

G-Star RAW’s new range of jumpsuits for women is inspired by workwear, like permanent-press uniforms and vintage Swedish army shirts. By adjusting the snap buttons or the waist belt you enhance the feminine form and shape the casual fit of the jumpsuits.

How to style it

Whethere you’re off to the gym or a workout in the park, the jumpsuit is the comfortable outer layer to complete your outfit. Buy one size up for an oversized look or dress it up, but keep it simple. Just put on a pair of cuteheels and let the jumpsuit do its job.

Short Sleeve Workwear Jumpsuit – Pitch Black R3699.00

This jumpsuit has a straight fit that tapers at the legs, creating a timeless silhouette. A tonal patched pocket at the cuff adds an interesting detail, while a contrast-colour belt adds focus and definition at the waist.

Short Sleeve Workwear Jumpsuit – Westpoint Khaki R3999.00

This jumpsuit - made from a crisp khaki twill - is inspired by permanent-press uniforms. The straight fit tapers at the legs, creating a timeless silhouette.

E Aero Straight Jumpsuit - Acid Orange R5299.00

This boldly coloured flight-overall of 100% recycled polyester is a meeting of past and future with classically neat lie-flat pockets based on a 1940’s paratrooper jacket and the latest compact ‘memory’ fabric.

You can purchase your G-Star RAW jumpsuit in stores and on

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