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Today I’m wearing…

Want to see what local fashionistas are wearing? For the next 10 days, we get an exclusive look into the wardrobe of Del Lombard, the designer behind the brand SILUETA.

Originally from Mozambique, Del has been working as a fashion designer in Cape Town for over five years. Her label is a celebration of femininity and the female form, designed with a passion for originality.

“SILUETA is a fusion of modern, urban and exotic African influences,” she explains. “It blends conventional and ethnic prints to create elegant, sophisticated garments.”

Del describes her personal style as retro and edgy, with a touch of punk rock and a whole lot of inspiration from the ’60s and ’80s. She is also the owner of Fashion Silueta Boutique, which houses her funky collection.

Keep up with Del on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Visit Fashion Silueta Boutique at 62 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town.

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