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Today I’m wearing…

Want to see what African fashionistas are wearing? For the next 10 days, we get an exclusive look into the wardrobe of actress and producer, Esosa E.

“I started calling myself a creative entrepreneur because it’s hard to sum up what I do,” says Esosa. “I’m an actress, producer, author, health expert, and fashion designer. I live to create!”

Based in the United States, the award-winning actress is currently working on many projects including Rise of the Orisha, a superhero film being shot in Brazil and South Africa; The Woman Who Would Be King, her renowned one-woman show about the first female Pharaoh; and a TV series called Brooklynites. On top of all this, Esosa is busy designing clothes ahead of the launch of her fashion line, Esosie.

Although she was born in the US, the creative is proud of and in touch with her Nigerian heritage. “My personal style is inspired by my love for Africa, colours and the seventies, with a bit of a masculine edge,” she explains. “I love pieces that are African-inspired and feel like wearable art. Years ago, I developed an obsession with Blaxploitation films like Cleopatra Jones because the clothing is so dramatic. There’s always a little drama in my outfits and I’m not afraid to stand out from the crowd.”

Keep up with Esosa on her website or follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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