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3 fashion trends worth investing in (and the ones you should avoid)

Seasons in fashion can change as swiftly as summer turns to autumn. One moment the chic piece you invested in is adding a stylish edge to your outfits, the next it's being consigned to the back of your wardrobe, never to be worn again.

But, if you’re a lover of clothes (and shopping too) the allure of following fashion fads is too appealing to resist. Fortunately, with every new influx of new trends, there are always a good few that are worth buying. These items are investment pieces that’ll see you through many occasions, style moods and Instagram posts.

From pleated mini tennis skirts to oversized jackets and more, this list covers some of the biggest trends in fashion this year as well as the items you should skip and the one's you’ll be using for years to come.

Yes, invest!

Sweater vests

You’ll probably have noticed an influx of Gen-Zers, influencers and everyone in-between flaunting these vests with everything from baggy jeans to schoolgirl skirts. The result is effortlessly chic.

Sleeveless, yet soft and cosy, they are perfect for breezy spring and summer evenings that can get a little chilly.

And, when autumn and winter roll around, you’ll be all set for the season – the grandpa-esque garments look fabulous layered over poplin shirts or worn under a coat with a pair of chunky combat boots.

In neutral plaid, pretty pastels with funky prints or solid white with an intricate knit, we see the pieces being a wardrobe staple that will carry you through all seasons.

Yoga pants

Low key, comfy fashion has become our mantra. Yoga pants are basically leggings that flare out at the ankle.

The fitted pants have a flattering boot-leg silhouette that, with its high waist, makes its wearer appear tall and elongated. With just the right amount of stretch and room to move around, yoga pants are a form of stylish loungewear that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Wear them out to bunch with the girls by pairing them with a crop top, chunky knit cardigan and layered gold jewellery and heeled boots. For something more casual, opt for an oversized T-shirt and platform sneakers.

This ’70s and late-’90’s fashion trend may be a fad but with the pants being so comfy, we foresee them being used as homewear on those days when you just want to relax or run errands.


What other wardrobe essential can transform a summer dress from casual to office-chic like blazers can? Whether it’s oversized and slouchy or fitted and structured, blazers have been pushed into the realm of everyday wear and are no longer seen as just one part of a suit set.

From pastels to warm neutrals in fabrics like faux leather, tweed, cashmere and flannel, there are an abundance of styles to choose from for every look in the book. Perfect for layering in the colder months and wearing over bralettes, bike shorts and dresses, the versatile piece deserves a spot on the list as an investment piece.

Give it a miss!

Tennis skirts

Equal parts sporty and preppy as it is edgy in aesthetic, modern fashion has revived tennis skirts for the fresher winter months right through to sweltering summers.

We’ve seen them being styled with light-knit cardigans and crop tops and dainty shoulder bags as well as chunky sweaters, stockings and combat boots.

However, as are cute and preppy as they are, once they’ve been worn out, and you’ve posted your #OOTD to the ‘gram, how willing will you be to wear them with other outfits? The look can be worn only so many ways before becoming tired.

Knit arm warmers

Sure, knit arm warmers may look cute over the slender arms of influencers and Insta baddies alike, but how far will they take your future outfits? Designed to show off cute bralettes, and tops with intricate detailing, these bolero sweaters appear to be practical when in reality, they serve no real purpose.

Sine they only cover the arm and neck portion of outfits, they don’t really serve the purpose of keeping you warm and they can’t be worn over just any top. In order to make this garment work with an outfit, you’d have to curate a look of specific pieces.

The trend just seems like another fad that looks good in pictures, but will pass as quickly as the bomber jackets that came into and out of our lives in 2016.

Baguette bags

With a slender silhouette and short strap, shoulder bags were designed to be slung around wrists or to sit comfortably under the arm – the same way the French carry long loaves of crusty bread, hence the name, “baguette bag”.

They’re dainty and sleek, can go with an array of outfits but they’re not very practical. For one, they tend to slide off the shoulder and are practically every muggers dream since they make for easy snatching.

Sling bags are far roomier, allowing for more necessities to fit inside your bag, so you won’t have to decide between carrying spare masks and sanitiser over your wallet and keys.

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