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Find the perfect sunnies for your face shape!

Struggling to find your perfect pair of shades? We chatted to award-winning eyewear brand Silhouette to get their tips on choosing the best sunnies for every face shape. Known for producing the world’s lightest glasses while maintaining superior quality, this Austrian brand always blows us away with their timeless and chic design aesthetic. From round and square to oval and heart-shaped, you’ll find a pair to keep you looking fresh and SPF-protected below.


If you have a wide forehead and a well-defined jawline then your face shape is square. This shape works well with round sunglass styles as they complement a square structure by adding a softening element to a strong face. TRY these coloured sunnies from Silhouette (R6 049).


If you have a wide forehead with a small chin, your face is heart-shaped. This shape works well with aviator sunglasses as the design is similar to the curve of a heart, complementing the natural angles of your face. TRY these black sunnies from Silhouette (R6 049).


If the length and width of your face are roughly in proportion, you have a round face shape. This shape works well with square sunglasses such as wayfarers, as they complement the roundness of your face by adding definition with their fairly angular design. TRY these wire sunnies from Silhouette (R6 049).


If you have an elongated and slim structured face, your shape is oval. Luckily this shape can pull off pretty much any sunglasses style. Try different designs and colours and let your adventurous spirit shine! TRY these round sunnies from Silhouette (R4 949).

Learn more about Silhouette and see their full collection online at Shop the range at Melrose Arch and Luminance.

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