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Pan African Fashion: The art of reinvention

Instagram: @_mosha_d
Instagram: @_mosha_d

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure

Mosha D is a brand that prides itself on making a difference to the environment by up-cycling discarded materials and turning them into exquisite accessories. Trash isn’t the only thing its founder Mushina Dada reinvented; she also found a new lease on life.

Glamour: Tell us about yourself ?

Mushina Dada: I come from Lenasia, south of Johannesburg. I’m altruistic, congenial, and I’m also a wife and a dedicated mom of two.

I began my profession in the heart of the beauty industry – I’m a qualified beautician. But due to my other half’s entrepreneurial pursuits, I ended up working in the motoring industry. I’d always wanted to embark on a solo venture, and that’s how Mosha D was born. I believe it’s imperative to lead by example, and that’s been a driving force throughout my life. I hope my passion inspires others to take action and transform their lives.

G: How did the Mosha D brand come about? What do you offer?

MD: I’m eager to make a positive difference to Mother Earth, which influenced my brand’s conception. The planet’s suffering significantly due to the subliminal yet hazardous actions of humankind. I looked at minimising litter and transforming it into something valuable because it’s one of the largest sources of pollution. I worked with talented crafters to transform it into beautiful products. That’s how Mosha D started.

Instagram: @_mosha_d

G: Tell us more about the concept? What materials do you use, where do you find them, and what technique do you use to make them?

MD: We use unique materials such as sweet wrappers, potato-chip packets and labels from everyday household products that have a barcode. We clean and prepare them, after which we hand-weave them meticulously. Then, we transform the litter into a variety of unique, one-of-a-kind handbags. I cannot emphasise enough the tireless and skilful work the crafters we select puts into these bags. They handle each of them with immense care and attention to detail, providing customers with a luxury accessory that's certain to stand out from the crowd.

G: What are your thoughts on waste in the fashion industry, and why is up-cycling crucial today?

MD: It’s not common knowledge, but the fashion industry has earned its place as the world’s largest polluter, after oil. Approximately 20% of global waste comes from clothing factories. Additionally, landfill sites are proving to be scarce and expensive.

In my opinion, the need for change isn’t stressed enough. Simple things can make all the difference, such as technique and the material you use. If you convert recycled materials into something the fashion industry can benefit from, it positively changes the statistics for the world of fashion. Is there any better reason to recycle? Accepting the fact that every individual is responsible for the upkeep of our green world should be enough motivation to use recycled materials. The reversal of damage to ocean life, and a move toward global cooling, begin with a small, single step. If we cannot succeed in encouraging people to be environmentally conscious and friendly through awareness campaigns, then why not leave it to the fashion industry to accomplish? It’s a win-win: people obtain a new accessory while saving the environment. I think this is the spirit in fashion, right now.

G: With that said, who’s your customer? What kind of lady do you see wearing your bags?

MD: Women were created with a caring nature to mould and nurture. That doesn’t only mean caring for their fellow humans, but also their surroundings. So, the products in my range aren’t limited to a specific kind of lady. Every woman should and can shine brightly and uniquely, all the while showing that she, too, is a mother of Earth.

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