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Shopping Guide: Choosing the best winter coat to keep you wrapped up!

Shopping for the perfect coat for winter? We’ve selected a few of our favourites to get you through the colder months.

The perfect winter coat is a combination of style, practicality and comfort. Since we still have a few weeks left of cold weather, if you haven’t yet, we suggest investing in a coat that fits all 3 criteria. A coat is a statement piece and as such can be worn for many years if you choose wisely.

If you are not keen on buying brand new i would suggest thrifting. You will find really great quality pieces that might only need to be dry cleaned before wearing them, at a fraction of the cost of new. I would recommend you go this route first before heading to your nearest retail store.

Generally coats are quite expensive but as mentioned previously they should last you a few seasons. Your two courses of action would be to purchase a super trendy coat or a super classic piece. Obviously trendy would be cooler, think puffer coats,etc. whereas classic with a twist speaks to longevity and value for money. Make sure that your coat works with at least 80% of your wardrobe.

Classic coats would be your safer option but do not have to be predictable. Your cut may be traditional but try it in a colour other than black, grey and beige but one that complements the rest of your wardrobe. Another option is a different print in your classic cut which revives this staple piece and makes it fresh.

There is a wide variety and can seem overwhelming so we’ve curated a few of our favourites.

Available: H&M, R899

Available: Desigual, R5400

Available: Mango, R2699

Image: Imaxtree

Available: G-Star Raw R5999

Happy Shopping:)

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