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Spring cleaning your wardrobe? Here are the only 9 items you really need to keep

Suddenly feeling that urge to freshen up your wardrobe? We all like to think we're spontaneous and unpredictable, but as soon as the first sign of sunshine rolls we inevitably get that itch for a spring clean. And there's nowhere more satisfying to start than your closet.

Did you know that on average women wear just 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? While many will express shock when hearing that stat, we can all sadly believe that it's true.

We have closets bursting full of clothes that we bought with every good intention, but for one reason or another - often our fear of stepping out of our comfort zone in real life as opposed to a store changing room - they never get worn.

But do you ever think about the journey that that specific piece has been on prior to its destination at the back of your wardrobe?

With more and more awful truths about the industry's ethical failures and its unsustainability being exposed every day, it's time to get serious about our waste. And that means jumping onto the 'capsule wardrobe' bandwagon.

Less w*nky than it sounds, it really just refers to having clothes in your wardrobe that you actually wear and not having any that you don't. It's, really, what a regular wardrobe should be, but we misused them to such an extent that we now have to add the prefix.

Don't think it'll catch on? Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising consultant and author, recently landed a wildly popular Netflix show thanks to her devotion to the immaculate, minimal wardrobe - so we'd suggest that it already has.

So how to transition yours from the current mass of fabric to a tight edit of pieces you'll use and re-use constantly?

There are really only 9 things you absolutely need. And we'll give you, let's say, 20-30 free slots to fill with all the (re-wearable!) extras - such as t-shirts, party dresses, and skirts - that you see fit.


Tops are rarely seasonless, but one super useful transitional buy in this arena is a classic knit. A high-neck will never go out of style, and muted, neutral tones are the best way to ensure maximum wear.


This is an obvious one. Jeans will forever be a wardrobe staple, with only the shape and depth of colour forever varying in line with trends. A straight-leg, mid-wash will never not be chic.


If you don't already own a trench coat then you're about to make your most life-changing purchase. Perfect atop a thick knit in winter, a shirt in the office or simple slip in summer, they're one of the the most hard-working pieces in any wardrobe.


If you've ever been for dinner and frozen whilst waiting for your cab in a slip/vest and jeans then it's time to welcome an oversized black blazer into your life.


Disclaimer: Bags are the one arena I struggle to condense - but there will always be one shoulder bag that I'll return to time-and-time-again. The addition of a totable, shorter handle seals the deal.


Silver jewellery comes and goes, but there's something about yellow gold that feels eternal. Whether you're into slimline pieces or bolder ones, stock up on just a handful that you can wear every day for the foreseeable.


While they may be having a huge moment right now, mid-heel, strappy sandals have been popular for decades, and sit just as happily beneath a slip as they do a jean. Opt for blacks, browns or neutrals for true timelessness.


Cowboy boots may have been huge over recent seasons, but it's slimmer, more elegant styles that stand the test of time. Make sure they're ankle height, slightly pointed at the toe and with a mid-height heel and you'll be wearing these forever.


No matter how put-together you are, everyone finds themselves falling for the allure of a comfy trainer every now and then. Plump for one in neutral whites and creams, and one that's chunkier than a plimsoll but slimmer and more timeless than a Dad trainer.

This article was originally published on Glamour UK.

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