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These are the athleisure trends we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2022

Athleisure is arguably the fastest growing clothing category in fashion, driven by wellness aspirations and celebrity endorsement on social media.

The distinction between activewear and daywear is eroding, opening the door to new streetwear fashion trends as the lines between the two are further blurred.

Wellness is often seen as the new status symbol, and increasingly wellness-minded people are showcasing their healthy lifestyles on social media, posting photos of themselves wearing athleisure apparel for all kinds of activities.

If you want to be active and fashionable in 2022, Tamryn Brent Junior Buyer at Under Armour shares the latest athletic apparel trend.

Versatile Athleisure

No surprise here, the pandemic created a whole new functional need which is now a staple in your fitness closet. Think multi functional clothing for everyday wear. Workout apparel you can wear at the gym and run errands in.

Offers all day comfort, allowing the wearer to easily transition between leisure and exercise. This athleisure wear includes yoga pants, joggers and hoodies.

Prints Baby Prints!

It’s the era of fitfluential behaviour, which means a printed bra and matching bottom set at all times! Think performance driven pieces in on trend prints and faltering silhouettes, perfect for that sunset fit fab shoot you’ve got planned for Friday.

A failsafe look with matching bra and bottom not only for exercise but for a sporty fashion-forward look.

Tech, tech, tech: Innovative fabric and apparel technologies

Scientifically engineered fabric that helps improve athletic performance. People are paying attention to the materials and technologies used in the production of “smart clothing”.

They want sportswear that minimises sweat, keeps you cool and provides energy return during exercise.

Sustainable fabrics

Society has suddenly realised the importance of care, in the health of self and in the health of the environment. The focus on sustainably sourced technical fabrics is the strongest it’s ever been.

Upcycled and natural dyes create sustainable sportswear, not only for one’s personal wellness but for the health of the environment. Sustainability in fashion is now a must-have for every brand and its consumers.

Elevated technology in footwear – smart footwear developments are now mainstream. These advancements in footwear technology allow the wearer to closely track and monitor their health and wellness. The data collected during exercise can help the wearer to improve their athletic performance and reach their goals.

This article was originally published on IOL.

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