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The 10 Definitive Autumn/Winter 2021 Bag Trends

Admittedly, the handbag was on hiatus for much of 2020, forced into an early retirement – or at least, a sabbatical – at the back of the wardrobe. No one needs a bag to ferry their lip balm from the kitchen table to the kettle. But you can bet it’s back with a vengeance for fall. Bolstered by a raft of autumn/winter 2021 bag trends (and healthy Q1 leather goods revenues) it’s ready to dutifully house your bobby pins alongside a crushed bag of peanut butter M&Ms, your cotton mask, tissues, cards, keys and Dr Bronner’s lavender-scented, organic hand sanitiser (it’s the best).

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Whether you’re carrying it over your shoulder or in the crook of your arm – or, perhaps if you’re a Gucci fan, you’ll be strapping yours to an equestrian-style torso harness, complete with horsebit – your bag could be interpreted as a reflection of your personal analysis of the Covid-19 threat. Going for a super maxi tote? You’re either paranoid or deeply prepared. Opting for a teeny tiny top-handle bag? You’re ready to mingle, buoyed by a vaccination card and your underused house keys.

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We’re joking, of course. But there is a middle ground in the form of the cuddle bag, a texture-laden style, perhaps trimmed with shearling or woolly strands, that can be clutched to one’s body with exquisite tenderness. Emphasis on exquisite – the craftsmanship boasted by these guys merits a closer look. And then there are the non-movers: the disco-ready pouches, the chain-handle shoulder bags, the house classics.

Scroll on for a first look at the autumn/winter 2021 bag trends to know now.

1. Back to Business Tote

COUNTRY ROAD Recycled Polyester Puffer Drawstring Bag, R 699.00

2. Chain, Chain, Chain!

MANGO Lusi bag - red VIOLETA R1199

3. Puff me up

MANGO Quilted bag R1199

4. The Multi-Tasker

MANGO Detachable multifunction bag R599

5. Glitz & Glam

Bronzed Basket, Smokey Quartz Beaded Bag, R1200

6. Micro Magic

MY THERESA JACQUEMUS Le Chiquito leather tote R6125

7. Moc Croc

Cotton On Bag R299

8. Classics Revived

Gucci Horsebit 1955 Small shoulder bag, R28,400

9. The Baguette

COTTON ON Nadia Underarm Bag R249.00

10. The Belt Bag


Original article appeared on Vogue UK | Author Ellie Pithers

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