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The massive change was due to Covid-19 when most people started working from home and hardly went out. As a result, they traded their power suits, festival gear and high-fashion streetwear for comfort, quality and affordability.

Brands like Woolworths, Kheper SA, and Woodstock Laundry have released their collections of loungewear, activewear, and sleepwear respectively.

Shaheda Sayed of Woolworths said that this season, they focused more on creating a versatile range that can be worn with assorted accessories or shoes.

“While lockdown may have left consumers feeling bored and creatively stifled in terms of style, Woolworths’ new range means you can still have a little bit of fun with fashion this season, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Winter has always been a popular season fashion-wise – think chunky knits, stylish sweats and super chic loungewear that shouts comfort and flair. Our latest range is no exception and is inspired by that need for comfort and simplicity without sacrificing personal style,” she said.

Kheper SA, an athleisure wear brand, also released new activewear. This collection not only works for the gym but as streetwear, too. They focused on rich colours such as chocolate, lava, mint, and ash.

Meanwhile, Woodstock Laundry, a sleepwear brand, has decided to focus on environment-friendly production and distribution. Their approach to ‘slow’ fashion has meant they have become the makers and masters of their brand, doing all the designing, cutting, sewing and finishing touches themselves instead of outsourcing.

Picture: The new Woodstock Laundry sleepwear, Supplied

They have launched a new collection of sleepwear, “Welcome To The Jungle,” that is made of 100% natural fibre.


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