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We’re loving: Jacquemus’ new life-size bag installation at the beach

If there’s one thing French fashion house Jacquemus is known for, in addition to their minimalist, Gen-Z friendly designs, it’s viral marketing campaigns.

With a strong brand identity and strategic use of social media, Jacquemus is tapping into the power of digital media to create whimsical installations that get people talking.

Earlier this year, the brand disrupted traffic in Paris with giant renditions of their famous Bambino bags.

On Instagram, the now-viral video showcases three Bambino’s in the form of buses crossing the road at high speed.

Created by artist Ian Padgham using CGI rendered images, you’d be forgiven for wanting to embark these bags in real life.

And while the illusion may have stopped on social media, the hype it created (and translation to sales) was constant.

Prior to this, the brand experiment with other virtual reality concepts: dozens of Bambino’s tumbling out of a giant washing machine at Galeries Lafayette, or Jacquemus-branded toast and butter as an invitation to their latest fashion showcase.

Now, the brand is once again unleashing their innovative marketing approach, this time with a European summer theme.

Their latest installation is a giant blow-up version of their Le Bambimou handbag floating in the ocean on the shores of France, while another bag can be seen as a fashion-forward ice cream truck, stopping for pedestrians and serving ‘Vanille Fraise’.

We also get massive lemons falling from the sky in the Amalfi Coast, and a calming drone shot of sunloungers at the beach in St Tropez.

If there’s a lesson to be learned in brand awareness, Jacquemus is the one from which to take notes. We can’t wait to see what the fashion house unveils next.

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