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Zerina Akers urges aspiring designers to 'just keep going'

Costume designer Zerina Akers has encouraged black kids looking to work in the fashion industry to "just keep going".

The costume designer - who is best known for collaborating with Beyonce - has encouraged aspiring designers and stylists to "reach out to people" within the industry in order to realise their ambitions.

Asked what advice she has for black kids looking to break into the fashion industry, Zerina told Harper's Bazaar magazine: "Keep going. Do your research. Don't be afraid to reach out to people.

"If you want to get into styling, maybe it's not reaching out directly to the stylist, maybe it's being in touch with the assistant and really wanting to serve that assistant well.

"Go on informational interviews. There are a lot of us that are willing to talk, willing to mentor, even if we may not be in a position to give you a job. So do that.

"If you send 50 emails and you get one back, you're going somewhere. Just keep going."

Meanwhile, Zerina recently hailed Beyonce as a "phenomenal mentor".

Zerina - who has been the singer's stylist since 2014 - said: "Beyonce pushes us to create something and, when you think you've got it, she pushes you further - often within a small time frame.

"I come out of every experience so much stronger, because she allows us to be free to take risks and make explosive visual experiences. She's a master of the craft and a phenomenal mentor who always enhances and elevates the project."

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