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5 Reasons to buy our April/May Wellness issue starring Angela Bassett

We’re excited to introduce our April/May Wellness issue featuring legendary actress, Angela Basset. There’s a lot to unpack so be sure to add it to your shopping cart, kick back, relax and enjoy a self-care moment!

GLAMOUR’s April/May issue will be on sale from the 5th of April. Themed our Wellness Issue, we offer you a holistic view of wellness as you page through the issue.

Image: Supplied

It’s therapeutic

The issue sets the tone for the second quarter of the year as we encourage you to practice the pause. You’ll feel empowered as you learn about breathing techniques, skincare tools, lean into therapy and get tips to combat fatigue and brain fog.

You’ll be inspired by Angela Basset’s journey

Oscar-nominated actress and Glamour Women of the Year award winner pours her heart and soul into every role. Inside the issue, she reflects on her extraordinary career journey, her impact, and what the future holds.

Photography by Lauren Dukoff

Travel inspo

Are you wondering where to go for your next holiday? We have some travel inspo for you…think winter wonderland, and an all inclusive holiday which includes skiing. A Glamour girl hits the slopes in the French Alps and she’s taking you along for the ride! Be sure to get kitted for the snow adventure so you don’t get caugt slipping.

Wondering if you it’s possible to heal from self-harm?

Whether you or a loved one resort to self-harm as a a way of coping with life’s challenges. We’ve roped in Nursing Manager at Netcare Akeso Milnerton, Denise van Niekerk, to help you find less harmful ways to navigate difficult time. She affirms it’s possible to heal from self-harm. You’ll appreciate the tips and advice, we’ve got you!

Get in on the Top 5 Wellness Trends

The wellness space is evolving at a rapid pace so we bring you up to speed with latest trends. From at home beauty routines, to eating early and resting. These hot trends are on our radar and should be on your too, as they could be just what you need to get through the year.

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