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Struggling to switch off? Try scent-scaping, the new fragrance self-care trend you didn't know you needed

Having trouble falling asleep at night? Or focusing while working from home? Well, allow us to introduce you to the wonders of scent-scaping.

There's no denying that fragrances and perfumes seem to have a special effect on our brains by positively impacting our mood. And at home, surrounding yourself with certain scents can draw the lines between the areas where you work and relax so as to set you in the right mood. Enter: scent-scaping, the new fragrance wellness trend that will revolutionise your WFH routine.

The best part is that if you already own more than one candle or and electric diffuser, all you need to do is diversify your scent collection to pick something that fits the vibe of each room in your home. But we get it, sticking to your favourite scent is quite tempting, but trust us, introducing new notes and exploring different combinations can make the biggest difference.

It's perfectly understandable if you're still unsure with what scent-scaping is and how it works.To help you get started on your fragrance-zoning journey, we've taken the time to consult with a few knowledgable experts, who shared their top tips on how to effectively use fragrances to zone your home, increase your productivity and unwind.

To make your life that much easier, we've also put together a full edit of all the best home fragrances to get you started on your journey. You'll find everything from candles, diffusers and essential oils, so there's definitely something for everyone. Enjoy.

What is scent-scaping?

“Scent-scaping is the art of using scent to curate a distinct olfactory environment,” explains Vicken Arslanian, re-founder at Commodity. “This is done by dividing up the home into different areas and creating a unique scent profile for each space."

According to Vicken, the wellness trend of scent-scaping originally emerged on social media during the pandemic, back when we were stuck inside our homes with no clear boundaries between our personal and work lives. However, with hybrid working now becoming more and more popular, it's clear to see that scent-scaping still has a role to play.

“Homes now realise so many functions, offices, family pods and entertainment spaces, and it can be challenging to separate areas of your life,” shares Michelle Feeney, founder of Floral Street Fragrances. “Aromas can help you switch between, work, leisure, or family time and enhance how you feel every day.”

What are the benefits of scent-scaping?

“Scent can have a positive impact on your wellbeing by reflecting how you want to feel at a particular time,” shares Michelle. “Different fragrances can help to balance or energise your mind, reduce stress, or introduce moments of self-care.” This means that just by establishing zones within your home using home fragrances, you can enhance your mood and positively impact the ambiance of each room.

“Scent-scaping definitely has mental health benefits,” she adds. “Our sense of smell is strongly linked to the parts of our brain responsible for memory and emotion. Thus, scents have the power to make us feel comforted, energized, etc.” Now, what does this mean? Well, we can use our sense of smell to our advantage and increase our comfort levels when we want to relax, work out, focus, and more. Simples.

How can I best scent-scape my home?

The best part about the viral wellness trend is that there's no wrong way to do it. “You can use anything that helps evoke a certain feeling, such as candles, fragrances, diffusers, room sprays, and fresh flowers,” says Vicken.

However, some experts recommend using particular scents in specific areas of the house to better suit the mood associated with each room. “I’d suggest vanilla or amber for relaxation,” says Vicken, highlighting that both notes can be best used in a living room, particularly when greeting guests. “For an energy boost, I’d suggest citrus scents like lemon or bergamot. Use these in a home office at the start of the day or in an exercise area for an added pick-me-up," he adds.

This article was originally published on Glamour UK.

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