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5 Reasons we love our Body and Mind Cover Star, Shudufhadzo Musida

We’re excited to introduce our Feb/March issue featuring former Miss SA and mental health advocate, Shudufhadzo Musida. There are many reasons we love her, here we list five.

Photography-by-Antonia Steyn

She’s the perfect face for our Body and Mind Issue

We couldn’t have chosen anyone more fitting to cover the issue; Shudufhadzo Musida captured the attention of audiences when she graced the Miss SA stage in 2020. Her career’s been on an upward trajectory since, and this month, she graces the cover of our Body and Mind Issue.

She’s a mental health advocate

The night Shudu was crowned on the Miss SA stage, she expressed that elevating the conversation around mental health is her approach to impact, and she’s been a consistent queen. She uses her platforms to create awareness around mental health and be the change.

Comfortable in her skin

Shudu shows up herself which gives others permission to do the same. This is why she’s the perfect ambassador for the NIVEA #ForYourShadeOfBeautiful campaign. NIVEA’s Radiant & Beauty range encourages women to love the skin they’re in, and Shudu embodies this as she navigates her different roles, seamlessly.

Her approach to representation

Her approach to representation includes being a published children’s book author. Through her story, she encourages little girls to find their magic, the same way she did. There is power in being unapologetically yourself and her offering holds a mirror for little girls who will grow up to be women who don’t need permission to take a seat at the table.

She’s inspirational

Shudu continues to inspire women from all walks of life, and her story makes her even more relatable. Inside the issue, she opens up about her upbringing and shares that she’s living out her dreams. “Destiny delayed isn’t destiny denied; whatever is meant for you, will happen. And when something’s not going your way or how you envisioned it, things will work out in such a way that you end up where you’re supposed to” (Page 72).

Photography-by-Antonia Steyn

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