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Today we’re loving these new sun goodies from Nivea

Nivea Sun launches 3 new products into its already extensive range. Two body lotions and a face cream join the 20 product strong range.

The new Protect and Bronze Face Cream SPF50, R109.99 contains a very clever formula that activates your skin’s natural tanning ability. It does not contain self-tan, but rather a plant extract which supports the skin’s melanin production (that’s the stuff that gives us a tan). So with regular use, you can actually get a natural, even tan, but without the harmful effects of the sun.

Fans of the Protect and Refresh Cooling Mist Sprays will love the fact that the line has been extended with the addition of two lotion formulas. Protect and Refresh Refreshing Sun Lotions SPF20, R94.99 and SPF30, R109.99 both contain cooling menthol. Why menthol? Well, it stimulates the cold-sensing receptors in the skin, giving you a refreshing feeling, even in the heat of the day. The formula is light, absorbs quickly, is water resistant and hydrating.

The 3 new products, as well as the other 20 are all available from all leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide.

Emmy is the daughter of a sailor, animal loving, coffee addicted, beauty product junkie editor of  Rouge.

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