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A snapshot of our December cover story featuring Ayanda & Lungile Thabethe

The trailblazing Thabethe sisters are indomitable. Ayanda, a model, MC, and businesswoman, and Lungile, a digital creator, celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur, have captured the attention of retail giant Mr Price, resulting in a groundbreaking collaboration: Quick Face.

The setting is the picturesque Alphen Boutique Hotel & Spa, and the weather’s ideal for a momentous occasion. Our cover stars, Ayanda and Lungile Thabethe have flown from Joburg to join us inthe Mother City. We were expecting rain, but the sun has come out. It’s safe to say the stars have aligned.

Photography: Niquita Bento

At face value

It’s an early call time, but no one’s complaining because we all get to immerse ourselves in nature, even if it’s just for a few hours. Clearly hand-picked for this moment, the sisters nestle together, coffees in hand, against this gorgeous backdrop. Having been whisked to the location at the crack of dawn, they’re relishing the rest.

At the heart of their iconic collaboration with Mr Price is their innovative seven-step beauty range, Quick Face. Having tried it myself, I love that it achieves a no-makeup makeup look, so at first, I think both sisters are wearing it, but as I get closer, it’s clear their faces are bare – and they both have flawless skin. I’m in awe.

Up close and personal

Pleasantries out of the way, I ask them about their skincare routine. “It’s changed a lot since I became a new mom,” says Ayanda. She also shares that her skin had a lot of pigmentation while pregnant, so she’s shifted her routine toward treating that and maintaining a healthy glow. “I rely a lot on peels, which I do monthly. My at-home skincare routine involves cleansing, moisturising and applying sunscreen rigorously,” she adds.

Photography: Niquita Bento
Photography: Niquita Bento

As for Lungile, “My skincare routine is a combination of knowledge I’ve acquired over the years reduced to six simple steps: a hyaluronic cleanser for sensitive, acne-prone skin, an AHA toner for gentle exfoliation, an AHA/BHA serum to reveal brighter skin, a thick moisturiser, usually shea butter, and either a high-SPF sunscreen or facial oil, depending on the time of day.”

The sisters will wear Quick Face on the cover, and Lungile, a renowned celebrity makeup artist, has offered her services for this shoot, adding a layer of sentiment. And it quickly becomes apparent today’s category is skin.

Read the full cover story in the November issue of Glamour SA, now available in-stores nationwide, or grab your digital copy, here.

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