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Cape Town was on fire last night– thanks to OneRepublic

The Award-Winning American Pop band set the Grand Arena stage ablaze at Grand West in Cape Town on Tuesday night.

Kicking off the evening with their much-loved classics, OneRepublic gave the performance of a lifetime. The Grand Arena was filled to capacity and the atmosphere was electric as the audience sang along to their faves including Counting Stars, Apologize and Lose Myself. The experience was surreal as the band took their fans down memory lane, and reflected on life before the global pandemic. Their hit songs evoked feelings of nostalgia and the crowd was visibly excited to be transported back to happier times.

Image: Instagram@onerepublic

An unexpected surprise was Beyonce’s track Halo from the album I am Sasha Fierce. Composed by OneRepublic’s lead singer, Ryan Tedder, he jokingly shared that it was essentially a love letter to Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z. The light moment was well received, and Ryan encouraged the audience to sing along to his soulful interpretation of the song. And I lived aptly captured the mood towards the end of the evening.

Image: Instagram @onerepublic

The band left their hearts on the stage, and declared their love for Cape Town, not only through words but their stellar delivery will forever be etched in the hearts of fans. Another heart-warming moment was when Ryan asked if they should come back to the Mother City, and the crowd responded with roaring applause. Cape Town also returned the love when the stage lights went off; the sight of phone lights swaying in unison affirmed that OneRepublic came at just the right time. Their presence serves as a reminder of the role that music plays as the world continues to shift and change. Music has the ability to heal and unite people, and serves as a beacon of hope as we try to find each other post-COVID. When all is said and done, we are OneRepublic.

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