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Exclusive Q&A with the creatives behind Canvas Studios edit

Bash, TFG’s fashion and lifestyle shopping platform, launches Canvas Studios – a new women’s clothing brand built upon the foundations of individuality and creativity. With a vision to showcase the range inspired by artful women, Canvas Studios features two influential local artists and stylists, Amy Ayanda and Masego Morgan.

Through the campaign, the creatives aim to fuse the world of art and fashion, emphasizing freedom as the essence of personal style. “The creative process behind Canvas Studios is a fusion of local design ingenuity and global inspiration. Nestled in Cape Town, our design hub serves as the epicentre of our creative endeavours,” says Creative Director, David West.

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Glamour: Please expand on the creative process behind Canvas Studios?

David West: We craft every element here, ensuring a unique and distinctive touch in every piece. While our roots are deeply grounded in Cape Town, our creative vision spans the globe. The heartbeat of Canvas Studios lies in our statement prints, designed by artists from all corners of the world. From Brazil to the minimalist elegance of Japan and Scandinavia, each print tells a story that transcends borders. Our approach with textile artists worldwide allows us to tap into diverse perspectives, cultural influences, and artistic expressions. It’s a celebration of creativity, where global artistry converges to create a collection that resonates with the spirit of our brand. Canvas Studios is a testament to the beauty of cultural exchange in the world of fashion. Every print, every design is a brush stroke on the canvas of a unique fashion narrative that transcends geographical confines and celebrates the universal language of style.

Glamour: Let’s speak to the name Canvas Studios?

David: The concept behind it was to craft a canvas for your individual style. This involves presenting plain pieces, often referred to as basics, which serve as the foundational elements. These basics act as a versatile canvas that allows you to artfully pair them with more bold and vibrant printed items. In essence, Canvas Studios aims to provide you with the tools to express your unique style, offering a platform where you can curate and showcase your individuality through a blend of classic essentials and expressive prints.

Glamour: Who’s your target market?

David: We cater to individuals who see fashion as a powerful tool for personal expression, recognising that authentic style should always coexist with comfort. It’s about creating a space where anyone, regardless of age or specific demographic, can find pieces that resonate with their unique sense of self. Our commitment lies in offering a diverse range that speaks to the universal desire for stylish, comfortable self-expression.

Glamour: What kind of experience can consumers look forward to?

David: Our ultimate goal is for customers to experience both comfort and energised confidence when wearing our range. We aspire to create clothing that not only feels good but also empowers individuals, infusing a sense of vitality and positivity into their daily lives. It’s about more than just garments; it’s about an uplifting and invigorating experience with every piece we offer.

Glamour: What type of conversations are you hoping will emanate from your collection?

David: Our hope is that customers discover joy in our clothing, sharing their delight with friends and family, integrating it into their lives. Furthermore, we encourage feedback on their experiences wearing our items, cultivating a sense of community and an ongoing commitment to improvement.

Glamour: What in your opinion, is the future of fashion?

David: Slowing down the fashion cycle and reducing waste are crucial steps toward a more sustainable and socially responsible industry. Encouraging people to make more conscious decisions and dress for themselves promotes a shift from trends-driven consumption to a more personal, intentional, and more sustainable approach to fashion. It reflects a desire for a wardrobe that not only expresses individuality but also aligns with values of longevity and thoughtful consumption.

Glamour: What else would you like people to know about your offering?

David: We work with small factories, prioritising those owned by women, that specialise in crafting small batches. Our commitment to longevity guides our design process. Rather than chasing trends and fads, our focus is on creating simple pieces that withstand the test of time. It’s a conscious effort to contribute to a more thoughtful approach to fashion.

Amy Ayanda weighs in...

Glamour: Where do you look for creativity and inspiration?

Amy Ayanda: I like to get outside at least once a day, a walk, a hike, a run or just a moment to lie in a patch of sun. Although my work touches often on loss and land politics South Africa; images of flowers, connection, motherhood and love always repeat themselves in the subject matter too along with bright unrealistic colours to symbolise the joy and vibrancy of life that is somewhat otherworldly. I look for my creativity then in the paint itself: It brings me joy to create pieces with bright colours and repetitive mark making, it’s a way of returning and it’s very meditative; I like to think my work does this for others too.

Glamour: Could you share your thoughts on the collaboration and what aspects you've particularly enjoyed while working with Canvas Studios?

Amy: I really love the pieces in the capsule, they are bright and fun, while still being minimal and sophisticated which is what I go for when I put a look together. I loved the way the pieces worked in the studio space along with my bright pieces and pops of fresh flowers. It felt comfortable and effortless to join these two brands together.

Glamour: The brand is developing the Amy Ayanda Favourites Collection inspired by the items you wore. Could you share your feelings about wearing these garments and tell us which piece was your absolute favourite?

Amy: I really loved the acid yellow dress I wore as-well as the fitted Tee with the white box dress on-top. Super simple but easy to dress up or down. The silhouettes are timeless and I can see myself wearing these looks straight from the studio to a night out or an event easily

Glamour: What does this collaboration mean to you as an artist?

Amy: I think Canvas and my Studio go so well together and I think we all felt that on set when working on set together. My work has always been authentic and my business has always been built on going against the grain, not always doing what artists "should" do but not being afraid to try regardless. It was created out of a desperation of sorts and an understanding that I needed to marry my following to my offerings. It has grown in ways I never expected, entirely independently. It is always an honour to be seen for this; I love the way all the images came out and I love that I am able to share more of who I am with an audience that might not naturally come across my space and work.

Glamour: Regarding the "Amy Ayanda Edit," how do you interpret its message, do you believe it reflects your personal style, and what emotions do these items evoke for you?

Amy: I love "Amy Ayanda Edit," because it is sophisticated as well as unique and I feel represents so much of what I have stood for and what I have grown into through this journey; creative freedom and individuality.

Glamour: What type of conversations are you hoping will emanate from your edit?

Amy: New connection and playful collaboration, always.

Glamour: What in your opinion, is the future of fashion?

Seasonal wardrobes, upcycling what we already have, mending, skill sharing and seasonal clothing swops.

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