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5 Weird celebrity hangover cures that actually work

If there’s one subset of people whose advice we’d unequivocally trust about how to feel human again after a long night of drinking, it’s celebrities. Who else has a job where cocktail parties, premieres, and VIP events are practically mandatory?

And while, sure, not every famous person drinks to excess, you can bet plenty do at least sometimes, so it makes sense that they’ve figured out ways to do it like champs and be bright-eyed and ready to work a few hours later. So, in the spirit of party season, we’ve rounded up five weird celebrity hangover cures — from Gwyneth’s baths to Khloé’s head-clearing yoga move.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow

“Just draw a bath that is as hot as you can handle it and mix in some Epsom salts and baking soda,” she wrote on Goop. “Soak for twenty minutes and then pop into a freeing cold shower for 1 minute. Get back in the hot bath and stay until you’re warmed up. Then get back in the shower for 1 more minute.”

2 Khloé Kardashian

The reality star wrote on her app that the best way to cure a hangover is to do yoga. Or, at the very least, take child’s pose. “The position is said to stimulate the circulation of lymph, a fluid in your body that helps remove toxins, AKA all of that alcohol you drank last night.” We’ll give it a try, Khlo.

3 Zoë Saldana

“Before going to bed, I put Epsom salts into a warm bath and soak for 15 minutes. The next day I wake up with half the night erased,” Zoë told  Us Weekly.

4 Paris Hilton

“I can recommend a quarter pounder burger filled with cheese and accompanied by lots of fries,” Paris told The Herald Sun.

5 Kate Winslet

“A sausage and bacon [sandwich] usually does it for me,” Winslet told The Mirror. “I also have a big glass of orange juice and a sugary cup of tea. The combination perks you up. I usually take that back to bed with me, have a little sleep afterwards then get in the shower to really wake me up.”

Taken from GLAMOUR US. Click here to read the original.

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