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GLAM review: Vacay like an A-lister

Always wanted to live a day in the life of a movie star? We’ve got you covered.

Nowadays it’s all about playing it cool and coming across nonchalant, if not minimally impressed by even the most spectacular things life has to offer. Well, we challenge the most indifferent onlooker to pay a visit to the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront and see just how long it takes them to stay that way!

As soon as you walk in, you’ll be welcomed by an atmosphere of elegance and luxury – an ambience that will have you straightening up and trying your best not to feel intimidated by the setting. Add to that the sophisticated minimalism of the decor, and you may also find yourself considering redecorating your own living space to match.

Once you’ve managed to acclimatise to the wall-to-wall extravagance, make your way up the card-operated glass elevator to your room, and take in the splendour of the Atlantic Ocean before you, with panoramic views and seascapes for days. Then take in the lavishness of your room, sumptuously appointed and decorated with a maritime theme. Featuring all the comforts of a luxury home, each of the Radisson Blu’s plush suites boasts large beds, en-suite bathrooms and a plasma screen for the ultimate in entertainment. And if you have an entourage of family members or friends with you, you’ll find the two-bedroom suites not just spacious, but opulent as well, with a private balcony, kitchenette and two bathrooms.

Venture outside your room and you’ll have a multitude of amenities and entertainment to enjoy, from Tobago’s Restaurant and Bar with a wide selection of South African cuisine on offer, to the Amani Spa, with a pamper menu of facials, heated pools and even a hair salon at your disposal. Because every A-lister deserves a world-class purifying salt scrub!

As you’ll soon find, the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront is more than a place to stay while visiting Cape Town. It’s an experience in itself – one guaranteed to make you feel like the superstar you are!

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