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The GLAMOUR guide to road tripping

Thought road tripping was just for boys? Think again. Not only does driving mean you don’t have to worry about packing five mini bottles of shampoo in a clear plastic bag that fits into your clutch-sized suitcase, you also get to see a whole new side of the places you’re travelling to.

If sticking to a plan is key for you, road tripping might not be your bag – the best road trips have a beginning and an end and everything in the middle is up to fate, traffic and distractions along the way. If you DO want to give it a go, follow our guide to road trip success…

DON’T go your own way

Road tripping is not a solo activity. For one thing, you’ll get awful lonely after six hours on the highway, and for another, you’ll need to take it in turns driving and navigating. If you can go in a group of three or more so much the better – you can add napping into the rotation of responsibilities.

DO pick the right car

Yes, a vintage classic would look great in pics, and you’re pretty sure your 20 year-old Ford could cope with the trip, but breaking down in the middle of the Karoo with no signal is something you should avoid if possible. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the car so make sure you pick the right one. In this case, comfort really is key.

DON’T rely on the GPS alone

You really don’t want to have an incident in an unknown city where you follow your GPS down pedestrianised roads and end up on a main shopping street doing an 18-point turn surrounded by amused/bemused tourists. It’s only funny when Jeremy Clarkson and co used to do it…

DO consider your snacking strategy

Hopefully you’ll be enjoying delicious three-course meals in beautiful cities most nights, but you will need in-car sustenance to keep you going. And there are only so many bags of Niknaks you can eat before you start to worry that your fingers will retain that orange glow forever. We’d recommend making a visit to your stop-off towns’ local markets and stocking up on delicious local delicacies.

DON’T forget your camera

When you see something worth taking a picture of, pull over and take it then and there. Driving will give you a glimpse of parts of the country you’re visiting you wouldn’t usually get so make the most of the extra views and document your trip. Just don’t try and use flash photography across the driver to get a picture of that wildlife you just spotted in the sunset. Your driver will be temporarily blinded and likely crash. Very annoying.

DO be realistic with your budget

Yes, you’ll save money on flights, but remember that petrol ain’t cheap and you’ll also need to budget extra for pesky road tolls. You can try to avoid the toll roads, but in the long run the lack of traffic and time saved makes using them worthwhile. Remember that hitting main cities along the way will also increase the price of your trip.

Good luck and happy planning!

Road tripping not your thing? If you’re going to be catching a plane instead this holiday, check out these  4 tips for a stress-free holiday. And if you’re battling with your packing, simplify the process with our guide to your holiday style personality.

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