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How to make the 3-ingredient cocktail that’s on everyone’s lips

Arguably, the most talked-about cocktail of 2019, the drink’s devotees have even dedicated a hashtag to the 100-year-old Italian aperitivo - #spritzlife, Aperol Spritz, is the unofficial official drink of the summer.

Here’s how to make the refreshingly bitter-sweet cocktail in three easy steps…



50ml Cinzano Pro-Spritz (prosecco-style sparkling wine)

50ml Aperol

Soda Water



Step 1: Fill a wine glass with ice to the top

Step 2: Pour equal parts Cinzano Pro-Spritz and Aperol in sequence

Step 3: Add a splash of soda

Step 4: Garnish with an orange slice


It's a very easy recipe to remember: 50/50 splash and garnish with a slice of orange. Bravissimo!

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