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GetWorth and Kwanele SA join forces to combat Gender-Based Violence

GetWorth, a leading car and technology company, has partnered with Kwanele South Africa, an accredited NGO dedicated to supporting victims of Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Together, they are taking a powerful stand against GBV, bringing hope and safety to those affected.

Kwanele SA's app has gained recognition for its support to GBV survivors, providing prompt help and guidance throughout their journey to seek justice and healing.

During August, GetWorth has committed to pledge for every car sold and purchased to reach a minimum of R100,000, and even higher with the support of their customers. This financial support aims to assist GBV victims across South Africa, offering crucial aid and resources.

Leonora Tima, CEO of Kwanele SA, expressed gratitude, stating, "We greatly appreciate GetWorth's support in our mission to empower GBV survivors and address the cycle of violence. Collaborating with a socially responsible organization like GetWorth strengthens our efforts to uplift those impacted by GBV."

Beyond the monetary assistance, GetWorth is eager to use its extensive resources to raise awareness for Kwanele and its vital services. Their involvement reflects a commitment to driving change and recognizing the impact of GBV on women and children.

Tima outlines Kwanele’s objective: “Our app serves as a lifeline for women and children, connecting them to a supportive community and essential resources such as counselling, medical services, and police and legal assistance. It also helps us gather crucial data, shedding light on GBV behavioural patterns. Our key focus is to promote the app to women in communities throughout the Western Cape.”

Jamie Surkont, co-founder and CEO, explains getWorth’s involvement, "At getWorth, we take pride in maintaining a gender-equal workforce, a noteworthy accomplishment in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Our partnership with Kwanele reflects our commitment to positive change in our community."

As GetWorth and Kwanele South Africa join forces, they invite other businesses and individuals to support this important cause and amplify the effect. Through collaboration and awareness, they aim to make a difference in the lives of survivors and work towards a society free from violence and fear.

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