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5 Reasons to get your hands on our NOVEMBER issue!

From its pro-women message to its fabulous fashion and beauty pages, the November issue of GLAMOUR is going to blow you away. Here are the top five things not to miss in our new issue:

1. It’s #PoweredByWomen

Everyone hired to work on our magazine this month was a woman. Every word. Every photoshoot. Everything. How cool is that?

2. Unathi Nkayi and Roxy Burger slay as our cover stars

The two women speak on the importance of balancing work with motherhood, creating career longevity and the refusal to let anything or anyone get in their way!

3. Women in photography, unite!

We put the spotlight on SA’s five emerging female photographers of colour.

4. Pearl Modiadie get red hot for spring

TV powerhouse Pearl Modiadie shows us springs most powerful makeup shade and how to rock it!

5. Amonge Sinxoto stuns on the cover of GLAMOUR Hair!

At 17, she is at the forefront of black South African youth are creating platforms for their generation to speak freely about the issues affecting them through her company Blackboard Africa.

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