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A Black Panther sequel has been confirmed

A sequel for one of 2018’s biggest blockbuster films has been confirmed. That’s right, Wakanda will be back on your screens because the filming of the Black Panther sequel is set to begin in 2020.

It was announced via  The Hollywood Reporter that director Ryan Coogler has signed a deal to not only direct the sequel but also to write it.

After it was announced, fans on Twitter went crazy predicting what the sequel will be about. See the best reactions here:

Something I want to see Coogler explore in Black Panther 2 is the inner troubles of Wakanda.

Organized crime taking advantage of Wakanda becoming more open to the world and seeing T’Challa having to deal with that as a King for his people would be interesting.

— Walt (@UberKryptonian) October 11, 2018

Black Panther 2 has been officially confirmed!

— JEFE (@YoSoyDiego_91) October 11, 2018

Ryan Coogler is set to direct Black Panther 2!! Yaaaaaas!

— Black Girl Nerds (@BlackGirlNerds) October 11, 2018

Ryan Coogler will be directing Black Panther 2

T’Challa and other Wakandan’s in the Soul Stone right now:

— Team Verture (@IMMEND_Patreon) October 11, 2018

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