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Create beautiful memories with the Fujifilm Instax mini 11 camera combo

Film isn't just for oldies anymore lots of people including us here at GLAMOUR enjoy snapping shots with a modern-day Fujifilm Instax mini 11 camera, just like our parents did with their Polaroids. Here’s why we encourage you to get the Fujifilm Instax mini 11 camera combo from Orms.

You can create beautiful moments with this stylish Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Film Camera. The Instax Mini 11 Film Camera from Fujifilm allows you to produce vibrant prints that prints instantly on a credit-sized print.

This is the ideal camera to take about just anywhere, whether it be on your adventurous trip, on holiday or just having fun. Powered into this advanced camera is an updated automatic exposure function that no longer requires manual adjustment for different lighting conditions; a powerful flash that allows you to capture in low-light conditions; a close-up shooting range of 30cm; a 60mm f/12.7 lens design; a built-in mirror that allows to capture some exciting selfies; a classic window viewfinder; and it includes two accessory shutter button covers.

The benefits of using the Instax Mini 11 Film Camera are:

  • Accepts INSTAX Mini Instant Film
  • FUJINON 60mm
  • Automatic Exposure and Automatic Flash
  • Dedicated Selfie/Close-Up Shooting Mode

Despite it being a very digital age, the Fujifilm Instax camera is a good way to just have pictures that are nostalgic and remind you of how our parents used to take pictures in the past. If you've got an itch to shoot film again, and don't want to have to find a local lab to develop your images, the film will scratch it, and deliver results that almost match digital in their immediacy. From as little as R 1 295, you can get your Fujifilm Instax mini 11 Camera at Orms.

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