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GLAM chat with Kopano Matlwa

Last Saturday we hosted a GLAMOURous breakfast at Rosebank Mall to celebrate the launch of Period Pain, the latest offering by acclaimed author Dr Kopano Matlwa Mabaso. Here, we find out more about the inspiring author who has been described as “one of the emerging voices of a new generation of SA writers.”

What is

Period Pain has just come out, so I still feel quite close to it and struggle to say what it’s about. On a very basic level, it documents the lives of two young SA women against a political backdrop, and delves into the socio-economic challenges of our time.

This is your third book, having previously written Coconut in 2007 and S

It has been easier, particularly because I have been out of the country for the past five years and away from the SA literary world, so there was a freedom of not having an audience and not worrying what people would think because I was in a completely alien space. So I took my time with it – I just enjoyed writing as if no one would read it.

How does writing link to your job as a doctor? Are there any parallels between the two or in any of the characters in your book?

The main character in Period Pain is a doctor, and she reflects my love for medicine. It’s a privilege to engage with patients, experience their vulnerability and listen to their stories, and this links greatly to writing.

You were a GLAMOUR Women of the Year winner in 2011. What did the award mean to you?

It was so exciting and such an honour to be nominated alongside such amazing SA women in SA. I really enjoyed the photo shoot – it was great fun!

What is your definition of GLAMOUR?

GLAMOUR is being authentic, true to yourself and comfortable in your own skin. When you meet people with those characteristics, it’s always beautiful to see.

What is your message to our GLAMOURzons?

This is such an interesting time in SA, and it’s important for us to get involved and to be the best we can be. I encourage women to be themselves and do it well, particularly now.

Kopano Matlwa is the author of Coconut, Spilt Milk and Period Pain(all Jacana Media; R200 each).

You can see more pics from inside our GLAMOURous breakfast with Kopano Matlwa here!

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