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GLAMOUR supported by Motherkind present a Celebration of Motherhood

"Motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with love, strength, and endless inspiration. This event not only celebrates mothers but also the enduring legacy of their matriarchs who shape our lives in profound ways,” says GLAMOUR’s Editor-In-Chief Nontando Mposo.

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Motherkind is a renowned brand that promotes kindness to the body from within - their products have a vital positive effect on new and old moms giving women a healthy balanced life while enjoying primary roles of motherhood , nurturing, care and love. Together, we aim to create an inclusive space that embraces the diversity and beauty of motherhood, and women in general." adds Nontando

Guests can look forward to an afternoon filled with engaging conversations, cutting-edge fashion, and GLAMOURous fun. This exclusive event seeks to celebrate the essence of motherhood and pay tribute to the remarkable matriarchs in our lives.

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Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a remarkable celebration that promises to be as stylish as it is heartwarming, and of course a Goodie Bag of note!

We chat with Motherkind to find out why they chose to collaborate with us.

Why was it important for you to partner with Glamour on this event?

First off, we love Glamour, but when Glamour hosts an event that represents the essence of our brand, how could we not get involved!

Can you share any exciting developments from your side that our Glamour readers can look forward to?

We do have an exciting launch happening in the next few weeks which is very on par with Mother’s Day. It’s totally different to anything we’ve launched before and we’re super excited about it.

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Why do you believe Mother's Day holds importance, or what significance does it carry for your brand?

I think the fact we have the word “mother” in our name is a bit of a giveaway. Moms are the glue that hold the world together, life would not exist without them and we believe they deserve to be honoured for their love and resilience. Motherkind is committed to promoting wellness and confidence in all women through life-transforming nutritional supplements.

What messages would you like to convey to all maternal figures on this special occasion?

Never forget how important you are and that your health is a priority. You deserve to glow from within.

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Event Details:

Date: 11 May 2024

Time: 11am

Venue: Pepperclub Hotel, Cape Town

Dress Code: Polished Casual


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