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Here's what your horoscope has in store for you this January


21 December–19 January

Life could feel pretty intense as 2022 begins, Capricorn. It’s birthday season, it’s New Year and Venus retrograde in your sign is bringing all the reset and regroup vibes to the table. What do you want to do differently in 2022? Use the power of the 2 January new moon in your sign to get real with yourself about what is and isn’t working and then make a plan you can stick to. If your love life feels up in the air, too, don’t despair. You’ve made great progress over the past year and this is the beginning of a period of positive romantic change. A project you worked hard on in 2021 is set to come good this year, too. Think acclaim, accolades and laughing all the way to the bank. If you have a story to tell or an idea that involves writing or speaking, you’ll have luck on your side where that’s concerned this month. Your brightest future starts now, Capricorn! Brace yourself for a spell in the spotlight and be ready to shine like the star that you are. The first Mercury retrograde of the year kicks off on 14 January in your wealth zone urging you to rethink an investment or financial plan. Meanwhile the 17 January full moon invites you to create the space needed for a relationship to grow. By the end of the month you’ll be feeling fired up and ready to launch into the rest of the year like the mega boss you are. You’ve got this, sea goat.

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FEELING EXTRA?: Wait until the end of the month to make your NY resolutions.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: It’s glow up time!


20 January–17 February

All partied out? We feel you, Aquarius! And the cosmos does too! As January begins you’re being urged to slow down, retreat and take some much needed time to yourself. Last year was big on change for you so it’s little wonder you need some space to process it all. Meditation, yoga or finally getting closure on an issue that’s bothered you for way too long could all flip the balance in your favour as 2022 begins. And if you find something that calms your whirring mind, why not stick with it? Set an intention on the 2 January new moon that puts your mental health first and you’ll soon be in much better shape. The first Mercury retrograde of 2022 begins in your sign on the 14 January bringing with it misunderstandings and communication issues. Don’t be surprised if an ex reappears on the scene, either. They might be repentant and turning on the charm but do you really want to travel that road again? The 17 January full moon beams into your health zone urging you to focus instead on your wellbeing. Hit the gym, get outside and find new ways to relax and enjoy life. Think thriving not striving and you’ll hit the sweet spot in no time. By birthday season (from 20 January) you’ll be feeling ready to get back out there. Switch up your social circle for maximum fun as the month plays out.

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FEELING EXTRA?: Make a New Year 2022 vision board.



18 February–19 March

You’ve luck on your side as 2022 begins thanks to Jupiter taking a spin in your sign. It’s start as you mean to go on time, Pisces! A bust up in your social circle could send you into a tailspin in early January but you’ll soon understand that it had to happen this way. It’s time to surround yourself with people who support your goals, lift you up and operate on the same magical wavelength, Pisces. A project you start this month could switch up your entire life by the end of the year. Yep, it’s all looking golden for Pisces in 2022. Use the power of the first new moon of the year (2 January) to set intentions that switch up who you spend your time with and you’ll soon be on the right track. And book in some alone time mid month when Mercury’s first backspin of the year could have you questioning a big decision you’ve made. Just don’t fall at the first hurdle with a project that means a lot to you. The 17 January full moon falls in your fun times fifth house inviting you to let go of old ideas about worth and what you deserve. The creative success that’s coming your way is all yours, Pisces. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Aquarius season (from 20 January) could see you taking time out to regroup ready for a full on but fulfilling February. A plan is coming together in the best possible way.

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FEELING EXTRA?: Journal every morning in January.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Trust the vibes.


20 March–19 April

There’s not much you like more than the fresh start vibe of a brand new year, Aries. All the plans! All the ideas! All the certainty that you’ll do things differently this time round! We know you want it all and you want it now but it looks like the cosmos might have other ideas. Now isn’t the time to rush in to a new project without considering how it’s going to fit in with the rest of your life. There’s something going on behind the scenes you need to address right now, Aries. Be honest with yourself! Are you working this hard because you want to, because you have to or because that’s just the way it’s always been for you? Make a plan to work smarter not harder on the 2 January new moon and you’ll see that magic awaits you where space is created. And don’t be surprised if the first Mercury retrograde of the year (from 14 January) brings a few misunderstandings your way at work. Try not to rush in to finding a solution when someone else might be the one with the answers this time. The 17 January full moon beams into your fourth house of home and family urging you to put the people who matter to you most first as the month draws to a close. Who are you doing all this for anyway? There’s a social vibe to the end of the month that could see you partying, networking or tapping in to a whole new community on or offline. Be ready for change, Aries! It’s coming!

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MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Pause for thought.


20 April–20 May

You’ll sense that’s there’s change on the cards for you as 2022 begins, Taurus, but you might not know quite where to start. Wardrobe revamp? Career upgrade? A world-beating de-cluttering effort? It’s all up for overhaul as January – and a life-altering year – begins! Is it time you started living life on your own terms? Or left the past where it belongs? If you don’t already know the answers, you will do soon. Travel plans could be thrown into disarray at the start of the month but with some creative thinking you’ll soon have new ones. Set intentions related to education and adventure on the 2 January new moon and you’ll start the right sort of balls rolling for 2022. A mix up at work could see you with more time on your hands than you’d like when Mercury retrograde begins on 14 January. Hold tight and try not to panic. You’re going somewhere better in 2022 and this hiccup could actually be the start of a brand new beginning. The 17 January full moon invites you to speak up, tell it like it is and maybe even make amends with someone who hurt you a long time ago. Give them a chance, Taurus! Closure is super healing for you in 2022. By Aquarius season (from 20 January) you’ll be ready to ramp things up in your professional life. The start of this year might feel like it’s happening in slow-mo but it’ll speed up faster than you think. Take some time to decide what you really want to do next and you might just hit upon a major new idea.

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FEELING EXTRA?: Use candle colour magic (red for passion, green for money, pink for self-love) to cast a spell on the full moon.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Think it through.


21 May–20 June

It’s time to emerge from the festive love-in, Gemini, and show 2022 who’s boss. And just in case there’s any confusion at play, that boss is most definitely YOU. Feeling focussed, committed and ready to reach for the stars? Excellent news because this might just be your biggest career year yet! Make a resolution around the 2 January new moon that turns an obsession into an exciting new passion project and you’ll soon be showing the world what you’re made of. Just don’t expect everything to be plain sailing from the off this month. There’s a go-slow vibe to the start of January that could feel frustrating at first. Go with the flow, though, and you might just find the space you need to come up with your best idea yet. Believe in yourself, Gemini, and anything is possible in 2022. Issues with travel or education plans could cause chaos when Mercury retrograde begins on 14 January, but the 17 January full moon offers the perfect opportunity to let it all go and embrace a different path. Start making plans that put your biggest dreams front and centre and ignore what everyone else thinks, Gemini. You’re going places whether they’re with you or against you and success truly is the greatest revenge. Relationship power struggles could be a theme as January begins but you’ll find your groove as the month plays out. You’ll know soon if this one’s a keeper.

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MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Make that idea happen.


21 June–21 July

Partnerships of all kinds are in focus for you as January begins but don’t expect an easy ride. Venus retrograde in your relationship zone brings all the reflective vibes to the table. Think stalled plans, long chats about where things are going and texts from your ex at 3am. Make a commitment to putting yourself first on the 2 January new moon and you’ll soon have a handle on what 2022 means for you. You’ve been putting other people’s needs before your own for too long, Cancer. The path to pleasing yourself starts here. The first full moon of 2022 (17 January) falls in your sign to hammer home the message that self-love and pursuing your own dreams is what matters most now. By Aquarius season (from 20 January) you’ll be more than ready to focus on a project or challenge that totally thrills you. Ignore any distractions and don’t let anyone tell you that this isn’t the right moment, because it is. Put it this way: if you don’t strike while this iron is hot you could be waiting a long time for opportunity to strike again. Mixed messages and unclear communication could throw a few misunderstandings your way as the month comes to an end but the person you most want on side will be 100 per cent Team You by February. Your star is rising, Cancer. It’s time you believed in better because what awaits you is truly magical.

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MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: This is your time.


22 July–22 August

New year, new Leo? The party’s over and you know it, lovely lion! So wave goodbye to the late nights, dig out your running shoes and let’s get back on track. Get your health and wellbeing goals set in stone by the 2 January new moon and don’t even think about looking back. Whether you’re quitting the booze, hitting the gym or finally learning how to relax, magic awaits on the other side of this January wellness mission. A relationship you thought was back on track could hit a bump in the road around mid January thanks to Mercury taking a backspin in your love zone. You say you’re all about communication, Leo, but listening isn’t the same as waiting to speak. Switch up your approach and the connection you seek won’t be far behind. The 17 January full moon beams into your healing twelfth house urging you to seek closure, protect your mental health and get real about ways you can live differently in 2022. There’s no time like the present, Leo. Your relationships are back in focus as Aquarius season begins (from 20 January) but you’ll need to put some effort in. Leo loves to adore and be adored but if the give/take balance has slipped in a romance a bust up could be on the cards. By the end of the month things will be cool, calm and way more collected. Where your focus goes energy flows in 2022, Leo. Make sure you’re directing attention where you most want to see a difference.

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MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Take care of yourself.


23 August–22 September

If anyone can hit up 2022 with a positive spring in their step it’s you, Virgo. You always have your best ideas in Capricorn season and this year is no exception. Make space in your life to do the things that inspire you and a creative plan with the power to change everything could soon follow. Just don’t wait too long to get started, Virgo! Strike while it’s fresh in your mind! The 2 January new moon is the perfect time to set intentions and make plans that make you feel excited to be alive. You’ve got romantic luck on your side as January begins but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the perils of Venus retrograde (until 29 January). Take care with the heart that matters to you most and try to keep your work/life balance in check. Yep, this might be easier said than done for a Virgo on a mission for change in 2022, but you’ll find a way. Try not to let a health kick slip up derail you as January plays out, either. Perfection might be the Virgo way but in this instance good enough really is better. The 17 January full moon beams into your social eleventh house firing up your networking skills to perfection. There’s someone you need to meet this month, someone with the power to change your future in the best possible way. Just make sure you’re paying attention when the moment arrives! Enjoy any downtime you can find because by the end of January you’ll have some serious work to do. This, Virgo, is the big one!

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FEELING EXTRA?: Spend time outdoors every day this month.



23 September–22 October

You’ve been ready to hibernate for months so January’s hunker-down mode is pushing all the right buttons! Yep, it’s time to sink into that pile of blankets, light all your fancy Christmas candles and pretend the outside world doesn’t exist at all. Your home and family zone is in focus right now and the 2 January new moon urges you to make plans for the future that prioritise harmonious living. What do you need to feel happy right where you are, Libra? Take steps towards making it happen and 2022 might just be your year. If a passion project comes undone mid month blame Mercury retrograde in your creative zone and take some time out to rethink your options. A fresh-thinking solution could turn out to be a far better plan in the end. You might also want to pay attention to a big idea that hits you around the 17 January full moon. If your career has been a source of stress recently, a light-bulb moment about what you need to do next could be well overdue. Listen to your intuition, Libra! Does it really have to be this hard? Is work the most important thing in your life? Could you find a way to do more of what you love? Aquarius season (from 20 January) brings all the good vibes your way urging you to keep going on a creative project that could switch up your work/life balance. Despite the cosy start, this is a power year for you, Libra. Know that change, positive influence and financial success are headed your way in 2022.

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23 October–21 November

Ready to shine brighter than ever in 2022? You better be! There’s luck on your side as January begins in what could be your most creatively fulfilling year yet. Not sure what that means for you? Find a way to spend more time doing what you love and the bigger picture will become obvious. You’ve built strong foundations despite numerous challenges over the past two years and it’s now time to reap the rewards. Use the power of the 2 January new moon to commit to what feels good in 2022 because that feeling matters more than you realise. Try to take family frustrations in your stride mid month, too. They’re not actually out to get you, Scorpio, it just feels that way at times. Take time out where you can this month because balance is key for you this year. The 17 January full moon beams into your adventurous ninth house inviting you to let go of outdated ideas about what you can and can’t do with your life. What’s stopping you from learning something new? Who says you don’t have time for a big adventure? Why can’t you make that long haul trip happen? Saying ‘Yes’ to yourself when the rest of the world says ‘No’ could be the key to success for you in 2022. Hibernation might feel like the only option when Aquarius season begins on 20 January but you really do have work to do, Scorpio. Keep going even when it all feels hopeless and magic will find you in 2022.

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FEELING EXTRA?: Write a wish list to the universe on the new moon.



22 November–20 December

It’s all change in Sagittarius world as January begins! Is it possible that you might even feel ready to be tied down? Yes, you’re the zodiac’s globe-trotting adventurer, Sag, but you’re being called to consider your foundations like never before right now. Perhaps you’ve met someone who makes you want to stay put? Perhaps you’re thinking about starting a family? Or perhaps you’re just ready to invest in a base where you can store your ski kit while you jet off to sunshine paradise? Either way, you’ve luck on your side when it comes to home comforts in 2022. Themes of worth and self-belief loom large for you as January begins, Sagittarius. Set a goal that prioritises your financial wellbeing on the 2 January new moon and you’ll quickly take a big step in the right direction. Miscommunications or fake news could drive you to distraction mid month thanks to Mercury’s first retrograde of the year, but there’s respite ahead thanks to the 17 January full moon. This first full moon of the year falls in your intense eighth house urging you to consider where your focus needs to be right now. And, honestly, anything else you can just let go of. By Aquarius season (from 20 January) you could find yourself working on a project that invites you to share your voice on a massive scale. You’ve been building up to this for some time, Sag! Blame any self-doubt on Venus retrograde and be ready to fly as the planet resumes forward motion on 29 January.

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FEELING EXTRA?: Read a book a week this month.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Speak the truth.

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