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In celebration of strong, independent, fearless women: Meet Gina White

This International Women’s Day we’re shining the spotlight on women who embody the Glamour woman. These dynamic trailblazers are championing equality through entrepreneurship. Occupying space, unapologetically.

Rough Diamond Analyst and Jewellery Designer, Gina aims to bridge the financial, psychological, spiritual and psychological divide in the African community. Here she shares her approach to breaking boundaries.

Glamour: What does it mean to you to be the only black American female jewellery designer that is certified to analyze a diamond in its rough state?

Gina: It’s another step toward breaking boundaries in a world with many gatekeepers present. Understanding the process from inception (rough stone) in this field adds true strength and genuine depth to my business model.

Glamour: What's your approach to breaking boundaries?

Gina: My approach is to take up space and ask the tough questions that no one is asking.

Gina: Let's talk about your intention to bridge the financial, psychological and spiritual divide which exists in the African community?

Gina: Miscommunication and misinformation has plagued the diaspora for a very long time. Allowing a space for us all to talk, connect, and exchange ideas will bring meaningful change to our people. By 2023 I intend to bring 100 Black Entrepreneurs and thought leaders from the US to “go back to Africa” and sit with their leaders amongst many different fields of expertise to learn from one another and recognize that there are more similarities in each other then there are differences. Black Americans will not only build a broader network for themselves but they’ll be able to come home and show the world that Africa is not the illusion of lies they’ve been told all of their lives.

Glamour: Please talk to us about your South African based company?

Gina: To my knowledge I am the only black female American jewelry designer who owns and operates a full jewelry manufacturing office in South Africa and is certified to analyze diamonds in their rough state. Being a trailblazer has its pros but definitely it’s cons. There is not much of a roadmap to what I’m doing so being flexible to changing my game plan at any moment as I go is demanded.

Glamour: What's your approach to skills development and transfer?

Gina: The biggest challenges I’ve faced in this industry is lack of knowledge and being taken advantage of because of that both on the consumer and dealer side. Many people in the industry come from a multi-generational jeweler family. The industry is dominated by races outside of mine who are not typically willing to share what they know and pass down to their families. The jewelers in the states have no problem selling to people who look like me as consumers but the moment you turn the table and attempt to sell you are often shut out micro aggressively. If the African diaspora had the training and information other cultures have they would be the wealthiest people on this planet with the resources they have underneath their feet. The more I learn, the more I find myself teaching like me small things in this field that are life impacting gems

Glamour: You are clearly passionate about women and youth empowerment, what does this speak to?

Gina: Not only do we service the jewelry community but we also are currently perfecting our SETA curriculum to teach aspiring black South African jewelers on site so that they can obtain real world, practical knowledge beyond the textbook free of charge.

Glamour: You're playing an active role in building relations between the US and South Africa through your work. What are some of your highlights and challenges?

Gina: The root of my business model is to incline more people to go back to Africa, the most resource rich land in the world. I intend to influence the masses to evolve the narrative we’ve created for so long and to elevate the diaspora one visit at a time.

Glamour: What's your message to women across the globe?

Gina: Take up space, and move through life like no one is telling you no.

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