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It’s the ground vs aircrew on the Real Housewives of Durban

We’re halfway into the second season of the Real Housewives of Durban and we’re wondering if life’s a journey or a destination… Or does it depend on your mode of transport? Cue episode seven…

When Londie invited the girls to Nambiti Hills for a mini vacation, the excitement was through the roof. The events leading up to the main event however, have left the housewives wondering if it wouldn’t have been better to skip all the drama and stay at home. It all started when LaConco, Nonku and Mabusi ended up on the side of the road due to their vehicle breaking down. The ladies who are accustomed to a life of luxury were not impressed to say the least. Meanwhile Sorisha, Jojo, Annie and MaKhumalo took to the skies in a private jet! Sorisha said “Queen treatment only for these housewives” arriving hours before the other ladies. Not only did this give them an unfair advantage in terms of travel time but minutes after landing, Londie revealed that the group would have to split due to last minute changes beyond her control. The ladies didn’t take the news well, considering that the Lodge could only accommodate four people so Londie decided that she'd occupy one room, and the other, by her nanny and son, Umi. Leaving only two rooms vacant, which she said, would be occupied by Sorisha and MaKhumalo. This would mean that Jojo and Annie would be joining the ground trio on the hour-long trip to Lion’s Valley.

The ladies were eventually rescued by a different vehicle but arrived at the Nambiti Hill quite late, ready to shower and call it a night. Just when they thought they could kick back and catch their breath, Londie broke the news to them. The ladies couldn’t deal, and when Mabusi shared that the other ladies flew to the location, they saw red!!! What was surprising though, was Sorisha’s response when LaConco tried to address the issue. Things escalated from a 0 to 100 real quick, with Jojo coming for Nonku yet again, and it seems there’s more to her feelings towards Nonku. Could she still be annoyed by the comment Nonku made at the black-tie event, and the fact that she just won’t fold even after Jojo opened up to her about her past? We have a lot of questions at this point but a little birdie told us that the next episode will bring some much-needed joy and laughter. I think we can all agree that the ladies are due a break. It’s a vacation after all!

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