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South African women breaking boundaries

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Its roughly just one day before the official Women’s Day celebration kick-off across the country. The holiday is an annual commemoration of the 1956 woman's march against legislation that required African persons to carry the 'pass'. The 'pass' was an identification document which restricted black South Africans freedom of movement under apartheid. 

The day seeks to celebrate and honour the bravery of women from various backgrounds following their courageous, and bold decisions of taking on the most barbaric and horrific system in the world known as apartheid. 

The class of 1956 boldly declared enough was enough after they endured unapparelled hardships under the minority government of the National party which at the time was led by one notorious Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd. 

Since the country obtained democratic rule in 1994, August 9 is known as #WomensDay and is set aside to celebrate the strength of South African women. GLAMOUR has compiled a list of women who are breaking boundaries in various industries that were previously not permissible to them. 

Zikhona Shologu

Women are generally slowly becoming a regular feature in the male dominated taxi industry as they brave the storms to earn a living for their families. One such woman is a minibus taxi driver from Nomzamo who has challenged the status quo by becoming the first and currently only female taxi driver in the area. 

Zikhona Shologu is showing the boys how it must be done. The 27-year-old is living her dreams by ensuring local taxi commuters arrive safely at their destinations. She says she was taught how to drive a minibus taxi by her late brother while she was still a high school learner. 

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Sho Majozi 

Okay sure, the music industry has to limited degrees allowed women to take part and perform but it is still a closed circle of men when it comes to some music genres. 

For instance, traditional music and rap have always been dominated by men, but one Limpopo woman has broken the boundaries and has a BET award to show for her successes. 

Sho Madjozi, who is also known as Maya The Poet, is a breath of fresh air, there's no less cliché way to put it. She raps mostly in her mother tongue XiTsonga, a language of the marginalised Tsonga tribe. She fuses her hip-hop with house music and some elements of XiTsonga music.

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Connie Ferguson(née Masilo) is a Motswana actress, film-maker/ producer and a business woman born in Kimberley, South Africa; but was later raised in Lobatse, Botswana. 

The gorgeous actress has for the past two decades dominated the television industry and is now taking the airwaves by storm as she co-owns the Ferguson Films with her husband Shona. 

The two are behind some of the most riveting telenovelas which are now gracing our television screens. 

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Social Media is not necessarily dominated by men but to some extent most people who are considered influencers are men.  Influencers are powerful marketing vehicles. And, make no mistake, it is a full-time profession. This is something 22-year-old Mihlali Ndamase knows only too well. 

The fun-loving Ndamase created her Instagram profile in 2014, but it was much later that she started to create content for different brands and made a living out of it. 

Today, the beauty and lifestyle vlogger has about 752 000 followers on Instagram and 163 651 subscribers on YouTube. 

And she recently cracked Instagram’s Rich List, which, beyond being another feather in her cap, validates her hard work. 

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This list of women who are breaking boundaries in the country can never be complete without mentioning Bonang Mathaba. The sexy and absolutely stunning beauty is a television presenter, radio personality, businesswoman, producer, model, actress and philanthropist. 

Born in Mahikeng, North West, the young Matheba is dominating every media space with her cheerful personality. She is known for being the first black South African to be featured on numerous magazines. She also has been the first international ambassador for the cosmetic brand Revlon, outside the US.

Earlier this year, Matheba exclusively partnered with Woolworths in launching a range of luxury Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) called, "The House of BNG". The venture made her the first black woman to be added to the Méthode Cap Classique Association.

Image: Instagram

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