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GLAMOUR Women in Charge: Ferini Dayal

Miss International South Africa 2022, medical doctor, and philanthropist, Ferini Dayal is an advocate for health. Here, she chats all things Women’s Month, the role of pageantry in modern society and the women on her radar.

The multi-facteted beauty will be representing South Africa in Japan as Miss International South Africa. Taking place on the 13th of December 2022, South Africa is yet to bring home a crown, and is excited that this honor has been bestowed upon her. She believes that pageantry is a global avenue for women to speak and open the public’s eyes to current matters in the world.

As the Founder of Dayal Foundation, she aims to create a difference in many South Africans' lives through fundraising and medical advocacy.

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Glamour: What does Women's Month mean to you?

Ferini: Women's month is a celebration of strong, empowered women, and this month is a reminder of the pivotal role that we as women play in society and the world. It’s a month that reminds me of the impeccable woman who has inspired me, and a month where we can resonate and build with each other to create success.

Glamour: Why is it important to celebrate the women of SA?

Ferini: The 9th of august represents a day where warrior women stood against the passed laws in hope to give women the freedom for the future. Their bravery is a reminder and testament to women who are achieving worldly changes today. Women should be celebrated in every aspect of success in South Africa as a reminder of the struggle that our brave woman stood up to, to allow us to have the futures we have today.

Glamour: What's your take on representation and inclusivity?

Ferini: Speaking from my own truth and my understanding of the essence of the world, we are all representatives of our own truths. Despite the divisions of identification, ultimately in the spiritual sense we are a different expression of the true eye. In a non politicised way I support inclusivity.

Glamour: What's the role of pageantry as the world continues to shift and change?

Ferini: The world will continue to change, if you understand the end goal you’ll understand the journey of it. Change is the only consistency, but being true to who you are and knowing your values and your truths is what the true challenge is. Pageantry is a platform for women to voice and advocate for change around the world, no matter the change, the difference we make in this arena and the impact we collectively create is the true pearl of pageantry.

Glamour: Please tell us about the Dayal Foundation?

Ferini: The Dayal Foundation is a platform used to create change in the medical field by educating people in the system with the intent to reduce the burden of the health care by repairing the “gaps” and providing sustainability in terms of education and the projects that are implemented.

These projects include, pad drives, neonatal/prematurity day awareness, teenage pregnancy, children’s day - malnutrition, pregnancy, cost of living, raising a child, importance of education, danger signs in health for a child to name a few.

Each project aims in providing essential needs through the drive and additionally supplementing with education that in the long term can provide our people with a better future in certain health issues that affect them through the public system.

Glamour: What would you attribute your success to?

Ferini: There is no one attribution that allowed me to achieve the success I have at my age, it has taken years of hard work, drive, ambition, immense sacrifice, a huge foundation of support from my family and my partner for years on end, and faith. Together with all the above, understanding my life purpose and goals and following my path is what makes the vision of success crystal clear.

Glamour: What does it mean to you to be a woman in charge?

Ferini: A woman in charge is one who knows exactly how to get what she wants in the manner she wants by remaining humble in order to achieve success for her people. Being in charge does not mean money and status, to me, it means to make a difference by using your talent and knowledge to inspire others to create a space that others may use to unconsciously do the same.

Glamour: Which women are on your radar and why?

Ferini: Candice Owen is an absolute fearless powerhouse of a woman, and a symbol of strength in our world. She speaks exactly to what this world represents and has opened my eyes to many aspects of understanding of the world and has created colossal change for so many globally.

There are so many inspirational women currently, learning through my career and taking advice from each of the women that in some way inspire me to mold who I am as a woman. Women in medicine and surgery, in health, women who are building empires, women in fashion, women making statements, I’m inspired by so many, Julie Horne, Dr Kay from America, Basetsana Khumalo to name a few.

Glamour: What type of conversations do you gravitate towards and why?

Ferini: Who you are is what you surround yourself with. Most imperatively knowledge is power, and if you’re the smartest in the room you’re never the one gaining. I always gravitate towards people who are aligned with the same intentions as my vision, that will teach me, that will allow me to grow. Spirituality, growth, medicine, health, life, surgery, intellect, any conversation that inspires who I am and my vision are exactly what I resonate with.

Glamour: What's your message for Women's Month?

Ferini: Be true to who you are, be brave in your truth, follow your passion and do everything with your entirety to fulfil your purpose. Be bold in your choices and make sure that each choice is a reflection of exactly who you are to leave a legacy that embraces your life.

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