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Women in Charge: Meet change activist and women empowerment advocate, Kovini Moodley

Kovini Moodley is a change activist, chartered accountant and founder of women empowerment platform, Boss Babes South Africa.

The philanthropic venture aims to uplift women through skills development, offering a supportive network, and helping women rid themselves of self-limiting beliefs and hardness their full potential.

Kovini, who started Boss Babes approximately two years ago, said she’s always had a desire to champion causes bigger than herself, and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Along with women empowerment, she also advocates for mental health, and aims to break down the stigma surrounding these issues amongst women.

According to Kovini, women empowerment is innate. “Once you leverage your authentic power, you become magnetic towards everything that you desire,” she says.

We sat down with Kovini to chat about her visions, aspirations, and the plight of women in South Africa.

Tell us about your women empowerment platform Boss Babes - what type of work do you do?

Boss Babes of South Africa is a digital, Philanthropic venture aimed at skill sharing, mentorship and motivating women to be the very best versions of themselves.

We’re a Proudly South African Brand focused on inspiring positivity and instilling belief that all dreams are valid.

Through the platform our professional community of women selflessly offer their skills to empower and uplift other women.

What inspired you to start this venture?

I have always wanted to impact causes greater than myself and when South Africa went into lockdown 2 years ago, I felt a need for a sisterhood and inspirational platform such as this.

We as women are so powerful when we choose to empower each other instead of tearing each other down. It all starts with us to make the difference and influence positive change.

What do you hope to achieve through this platform?

The platform has attracted influential women across South Africa who have all lent their voices to our powerful mission over the last 2 years.

We are focused on breaking barriers and changing narratives for South African women, through professional mentoring for young females, and our long-term goals include partnering with leading brands to leverage further educational opportunities for young females. Education is so important and is a game changer which opens doors to new opportunities and enhanced perspectives.

In your opinion, what is the plight of women in South Africa today, and what needs to be done to change things?

There are various elements at play for South African Women, including unemployment, gender-based violence and limiting self beliefs, such as the “ Imposter Syndrome “.

We need to spark conversations with the powers that be on the first two matters as true women empowerment is not possible without these basic foundational elements being adequately addressed in a meaningful manner.

In respect of embedding confidence, we need to do the inner work and drown out the noise to focus on ourselves and our visions for our lives. True self worth is achieved when you know who you are and you embrace yourself, fully.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments through Boss Babes so far?

We recently celebrated 22000 followers on Instagram and just over 20 000 on LinkedIn as we reached our milestone, 2 year anniversary on 1 March 2022.

It's been an incredible journey of celebration and overcoming struggle to achieve success is what most of our community members are most proud of.

Our community comprises of pilots, doctors, entrepreneurs, scientists, specialists and experts in various fields all with the common goal of wanting to contribute their skills in a meaningful manner to uplift the community. It’s been such a fulfilling growth experience for me as well, personally to live out my purpose and positively impact others.

Why is it so important for you to champion mental health in South Africa?

Mental Health has held such a deep stigma for the longest time, I feel that the tide is turning in respect to this, the time has come for us to have progressive conversations around the topic and encourage individuals to get help without the fear of being judged based on societal norms.

Mental Health has been a long focus area as I unfortunately lost a few friends to suicide, without warning. Now that I have adequately researched the topic, it has become absolutely necessary that we break the stigma around it and I’m proud to lend my voice to help change narratives around this topic.

Mental health is health so it deserves all the attention. It’s impossible to be your best if your health is not prioritised accordingly.

What keeps you inspired and motivated on a daily basis?

I focus on a gratitude list. We live in a world where perfection is glorified and this doesn’t allow us to be our authentic selves. I believe that gratitude is the key to living a life of fulfilment and joy. I’m also surrounded by a phenomenal team of women daily, who support our brand, I draw tremendous courage from my friends and family daily who through their own lives embody a spirit of resilience which is testament to the human spirit.

What does women empowerment mean or look like to you?

Women Empowerment starts with self empowerment and knowing and valuing yourself is critical towards leveraging your unique skills and strengths to add value to the world. Many of us have lost ourselves to the opinions of others and we have forgotten our true selves. It’s important to spend time reflecting on your strengths, passion and purpose so that you can be the best version of yourself. When one feels fulfilled, it’s easy to empower others and share your light with others in a seamless way. Only you have the power change your mindset and feel “empowered”. Women Empowerment is innate.

Do you have any pearls for wisdom for young girls looking to make their mark in the world?

Absolutely!, Know yourself, own your power and never dim your light. Leverage your authentic power and you will become magnetic towards everything that you desire.

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