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Glamour Women’s Month Series: Meet Alana van Heerden

Co-founder of Lux wallpaper co GROEN and wedding dress designer, Alana van Heerden adds character to spaces and makes brides feel like princess’ on their special day. This Women’s Month, we take a moment to celebrate her approach to social impact.

Glamour: What does Women’s Month mean to you?

Alana: Women’s Month gives us the opportunity to celebrate all women, the ones who have made their mark in history, culture and society, but also the ones who inspire and guide us on a daily basis....our sisters, daughters, moms and girlfriends.

Glamour: Why is it important to celebrate the women of SA?

Alana: By celebrating the women and girls of our country, we uplift and encourage whole communities. South African women are passionate, diverse, inspiring individuals, and by coming together in celebration we honour and inspire each other, and we experience a sense of empowerment to be a part of such an amazing sisterhood.

Glamour: What’s your approach to entrepreneurship?

Alana: The concept that I’m an entrepreneur honestly only dawned on me at a later stage. I was merely ploughing my everything into a craft that I felt extremely passionate about. There were aspects of the business that I had to learn, but when you’re really enjoying the process, the growth and development almost comes naturally.

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Glamour: What would you attribute your success to?

Alana: We truly love connecting with people, bringing them joy with the products we create and being invested in their experience as our clients.

Glamour: What keeps you grounded both personally and professionally?

Alana: I’d say the thing that keeps me grounded is my ongoing quest to find balance Being a working mom is no walk in the park, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some days you feel like a terrible business woman, but you’re next to that sports field seeing those proud little faces and in the moment it’s all that matters. Other days you’re on top of every deadline, but the wheels might be coming off at home. I always say it’s a spectrum, and we’re constantly moving somewhere along it, trying to find our unique balance. It also reminds us to appreciate the time both spent in our personal and professional capacities, and to really be present in that specific moment.

Glamour: Which women are on your radar at the moment?

Alana: I love following amazing female business owners. My favourites at the moment are Gabrielle Heale from Liv&Light, Kelly Wearstler, Hannah Lavery, Gemma from Beagle &Basset, The ladies from The Home Edit, Heike from Fleur le Cordeur.

Glamour: What are your plans for Women’s Day?

Alana: I plan to spend the morning with my little tribe, having a coffee on the beach. Then a special client will be collecting her wedding dress (always a high), and lastly I’ll be taking a little bit of me-time with an afternoon facial.

Glamour: What’s your message to women in business?

Alana: You’re an inspiration to someone, even if you think no one is watching. Stay honest and true to your heart and your vision, lead with integrity and enjoy the time you invest in building something you love!

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