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Go Dry This January: Absolute Zero - 100% YOU!

Completely free of alcohol, these two sparkling wines are great for events when you need a pop for sober celebrations, clean living and some bubbles to toast to good times, lovely people, and happy happenings.

Dry January and sober living is a top current trend and with good reason – it’s the trend that keeps on trending! From sober-curious Gen Z trendsetters, to folks who simply like to keep it clean so they can live their best lives, there are many reasons why alcohol free sparkling wines are enjoying an extended stay in the limelight.

For one thing, alcohol-free sparkling wines are suitable for just about every social occasion. Having your kid’s friends’ parents over for a barbeque? Absolute Zero is the perfect choice. Pregnant friend coming over for dinner? Hosting a get-together with co-workers the day before a big presentation? Grab yourself a glass of Absolute Zero, your sparkling bestie.

In short, it’s the drink choice that works in every social setting, guaranteed.


Absolute Zero Brut

Absolute Zero Brut is a deliciously dry sparkling wine with tiny festive bubbles, and crisp tropical flavours on the palate - well balanced with a smooth finish.

Absolute Zero Nectar

Absolute Zero Nectar is a gorgeous sweet sparkling wine with tiny festive bubbles, and luscious rich honey, fresh fruit, and nougat notes on the palate.

Absolute Zero Dry 2021 and Absolute Zero Nectar 2021 won GOLD at the recent Michelangelo Wine & Spirit Awards.


We have teamed up with Secco for the perfect mocktail partner this Dry January. Secco is a blend of specially selected dried botanicals, fruit and spices which allow you to naturally infuse a drink of your choice. The process by which the fruit has been dried leaves the fruit’s structure open allowing it to naturally infuse your drink with flavour and colour. Try our recommended mocktail recipes for the perfect celebratory toast.


Here are five excellent reasons to enjoy Van Loveren Absolute Zero this January and beyond:

Feeling fresh the morning after

When you have a big day the next day, or simply want to feel fresh when you get up after a night out or in with your mates, de-alcoholised wine is a great way to go. You get to have a bunch of fun, and the next day you are still ready to tackle that presentation or hop on your bike to hit the trails without any lingering side effects.

Keeping things clean

Not everyone is well suited to drinks that contain alcohol. Some don’t like the way it makes them feel, while others prefer non-alc wines are a better option for them. Whatever the case may be, Almost Zero and Absolutely Zero provide these fine humans with a grown-up drink option that looks fancier than a soda or a smoothie.

Staying on the right side of the law

In South Africa, alcoholic beverages are not allowed in public spaces like parks and on beaches. As such, it's great to take along a bottle of Almost Zero or Absolutely Zero when you will be clinking in public.

Staying hydrated

Since alcohol is a diuretic (very simply, something that makes you go to the loo more often), it can be a bit of a hurdle if you’re trying to stay hydrated. De-alcoholised wine, on the other hand, is not.

Inclusive enjoyment

There are many reasons why people in your family or group of friends may be steering clear of alcohol and having an inclusive beverage option like Almost Zero and Absolutely Zero on offer makes the circle bigger.

The full range of sparkling wines are available online at, as well as SELECTED Pick ‘n Pay’s, Checkers, Spar and Food Lover’s Market. The sparkling wine cans are only available online directly from the farm.

Secco is available from selected retail stores including online at Takealot and Yuppiechef.

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