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How to celebrate Mother’s Day on a budget

Mother’s Day is coming up, and many of us are already going through the middle of the month blues.

Yes, that time of the month when you start to carefully spend your rands to ensure that you make your salary stretch to the next pay day.

While times are tough for everyone, we still want to spoil our mothers on Mother’s Day.

Even though we all know that she should, in fact, be cherished each and every day.

It’s so easy to walk into a store right now and pick something off the shelf that screams “Happy Mother’s Day”, but how special can that be when the person standing right next to you is buying the exact same thing?

Of course, you can buy her a box of chocolates or her favourite lotion, but those are things that she can buy herself. What’s so special about gifting her something she can buy herself any day?

On Mother’s Day, you should be doing something really special. Create a special memory or give her a gift that will last and make her smile every time she looks at it.

Here is how you can spoil your mother this Mother’s Day without breaking the bank while still making it memorable.

Make her feel like the queen that she is

All women love to be pampered but that doesn’t always mean it has to be an expensive day at a spa.

You can pamper your mom in her own home by creating a spa environment and experience.

Start by setting the mood with scented candles and calming ambient sounds in a warm room.

While you might not be able to give her a full body massage, you would be amazed how much a tired mom would appreciate something simple such as a foot or neck and shoulder massage.

Many busy moms don’t have the time or can afford to have a professional manicure or pedicure done, but nothing stops you from doing it for her.

Prepare her favourite meal

If there’s one place that your mother should not be in on Mother’s Day, it would be the kitchen.

My mom is one of those ladies who starts thinking about what to cook for dinner the day before. If your mom is one of those then make it clear to her that she should not be stressing about the Sunday meals at all.

Breakfast, lunch and supper should be on you and the rest of the family. While no one is as good a cook as their mom is, she will appreciate not having to stand in front of the stove for the day.

Make sure to keep her out of the kitchen! Make it a special occasion by laying out a beautiful table for her. Create a fine-dining experience for her in her own home.

Get it framed

We have hundreds of pictures stored on our phones but seldom do we actually have them printed. I’m sure you have a beautiful picture of either you and your mom or a family picture taken on a special occasion.

Select a picture and have it printed. These days, it doesn’t cost much to have an A4-size picture printed.

Find an inexpensive simple white or black picture frame to place the picture in. A framed picture of a special moment is bound to make her smile every time she looks at it.

Alone time

Sometimes, all a mom wants is a bit of “her time”. As much as she loves her family, day-to-day activities can leave any mother exhausted.

With both partners and children constantly demanding her attention, she rarely has time for herself.

As the husband, you can give her a day off by simply taking the kids out for the day and leaving her at home to do the things she loves without interruption.

Even if she just spends the day watching Netflix or scrolling through TikTok or finally sitting down to read the book she bought weeks ago.

When was the last time she was able to take an afternoon nap? Or you could stay home with the children and allow her to head out on her own for a change.

Change of scenery

There’s nothing more uplifting than a change of scenery, even if it’s just for a few hours. This is especially true for the mother who works from home.

Even if it just means going out for a long drive along a scenic route. If your budget allows it, pack a little picnic basket and stop along the way to enjoy the views.

This article was originally published on IOL.

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