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[Exclusive] GQ Best Dressed 2018 Winner, Seth Shezi

UPDATE: This weekend Seth Shezi secured the title as this year's GQ Best Dressed Man. GLAMOUR reached out to Shezi to ask him how he felt when the announcement was made. 

"[It] f elt amazing. I mean, it’s a huge fashion accolade that a lot of us imagine, and low key wish for, but never imagine would ever happen. Women have Vogue and for us, GQ is the single most enduring and iconic men’s fashion bible. I admire the other 9 gents’ sense of style, so hearing names being called and not hearing mine was a big rush, recalls Seth. "

Don't know who Seth Shezi is? Read the interview below to find out!...

Ask any South African to name their favourite menswear influencer, and we’re willing to bet that they’ll probably name Seth Shezi. This KZN-born, Cape Town-based entrepreneur, writer, and influencer has earned a reputation for producing double-tap-worthy imagery and captivating copy for brands like Wanted Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, Jo Malone, Macallan, and Jekyll & Hide.

Curious about what makes this visual virtuoso tick, we slid into his DMs and asked him a few questions…

GLAMOUR: Who or what inspires your content/aesthetic?

Seth Shezi: My content is inspired by visuals that penetrate me in my most carefree state. So when I travel I’m most at my carefree and relaxed and this is when I’m a complete sponge of inspiration from new sites, films and art.

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G: What’s the best advice you’ve received that has impacted your trajectory?

SS: It was two pieces of advice in one: ‘No one else knows what they are doing, so march to the sound of your own drum’, and ‘ always be careful of your intentions’.

G: Who is your Woman Crush and why?

I don’t buy magazines very often but, Bonang managed to get me to buy last months GQ because she was just smoking hot on that cover! I love that she’s on her own trajectory and doesn’t let naysayers dim her light.

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G: Where do you see the Seth Shezi brand in 5 years time?

I’ll answer this better once I’ve sat down with my career coach because currently the Seth Shezi brand has many, big, valid plans but I need to scale them down and do one thing at a time. But in the plans is to grow my content agency, to a global scale, currently in talks with an L.A & London based agencies to pin forces which will give us global reach.

The influencer side of things has taken a turn from just marketing and promoting stuff, to carefully identifying brand partnerships that are long-term and where I can have a creative voice that honours both what the brand wants to put across while allowing me (and by proxy my demographic) to tell or share their narrative.

Finally, I’m in the early stages of a YouTube talk show (similar to Andy Cohen’s  Watch What Happens Live) that in 5 years will be of epic proportions.

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