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Good vibes and good energy with Manu WorldStar

2 years in the making, Manu WorldStar’s debut album, Molimo, is now out. It’s all about good vibes and good energy. We caught up with the African breakout star who has just been named Apple Music’s Africa Rising artist of the month.

First of all, let’s talk about your album cover artwork. We’ve been staring at it all day! Was looking FINE part of the brief? On a serious note, why this direction for your album artwork and how did it come together?

Lol! I wanted to have a cover that really exposes my features. I wanted something striking and bold, because my music is exactly that. My album is a mixture of African sounds. I call my sound Afrofusion. This body of work took me 2 years to complete. It was an amazing experience.

We’ve been following your journey over the past two years and Nalingi is still a song on our playlist. What can we expect from your debut offering?

I think you can expect a lot of pure and honest vibes. I bare my spirit on this album. That is why I called it Molimo. Meaning “My Spirit” in Lingala - my mother tongue.

Your album lead single is Choko. What is it about and what do you hope listeners will take away from the song?

I just pray that the spirit of real hustle and flow shower the minds of every listener with this one. This song is for the ones that want to be the head of their family.

How did you make the career transition from advertising to music?

I’ve always been a musician. It has never been a transition. I just did the copywriting thing so that I could have extra bucks to push my music.

What’s the biggest life lesson that you’ve learnt?

Always be patient and trust the process. Stay real with the real people around you and protect your energy. Having the right energy is very important in winning this life thing.

Quick fire questions:

What’s the first thing that you do when you wake up?

Pray and roll a blunt.

A good sneaker or a good watch?

A good sneaker.

3 grooming products you can’t live without?


Under arm


A meal you can’t stop craving?

Ribs on the grill in my backyard.

Life after Rona, what’s the first country that you would like to visit?


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