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Motivation Monday: These personal development books will lift your mood and elevate your life

These insightful books will inspire candid conversations with yourself and maybe even laugh a little. You’re welcome!

Really Good, Actually

Monica Hesiey

Book, Really good actually bu Monica Hesiey, Image: Supplied

Monica Heisey Comedian and award-winning screenwriter, Monica Heisey captures one woman’s journey in the most hilarious and relatable way. In the wake of her divorce, Maggie finds herself alone for the first time in her life. Surprisingly, she’s doing really good. You’ll be drawn to her quest for joy and meaning as she asks herself pertinent questions like ‘why do we still get married? And did I fail before I even got started?’ Themes of friendship, identity and modern love are explored in a light-hearted manner. Maggie’s refreshing perspective will not only have you howling with laughter but it’s guaranteed to turn your frown into a smile. Available on, R231

Feeding The Soul (because it’s my business)

Tabitha Brown

Book, Feeding The Soul (because it’s my business) by Tabitha Brown Image: Supplied

This wholesome offering is just what the soul ordered! We could equate to a warm hug from a dear friend, or a hearty meal that hits the spot. Tabitha shares valuable life lessons rooted in love, kindness and compassion. You’ll appreciate her insights on self-acceptance, embracing your gifts, allowing yourself to evolve, and finding joy in the moment. She fuses her delightful vegan recipes, offering a holistic approach to healing from the inside out, in a book that is both soul nourishing and satiating. Available on, R365

Healing Through Words

Rupi Kaur

Book, Healing Through Words by Rupi Kaur, Image: Supplied

Renowned author of Milk and Honey, and The Sun and Her Flowers, Rupi Kaur offers a curated collection of guided exercises in this cathartic offering. She invites you to be honest and vulnerable as you explore your trauma. Her gentle approach affirms that it’s safe to put pain to paper, and connect with the deeper parts of yourself that need healing. You’ll be unpeeling layers with every page, and because journaling is such a personal experience, you can expect to meet your true self at the end of this compelling journey. Available on, R395

How Are You, Really?

Jenna Kutcher

Book, How are you really? by Jenna Kutcher, Image: Supplied

When last did you check in with yourself; really listened to your inner voice? Are you living the life you’ve always imagined or have you settled for being ordinary? Deep down, you know you want more but for some reason you don’t believe you deserve it. Jenner affirms that you absolutely can snap out of autopilot and live a joyful life. She wears her scars as a badge of honour, and draws on her own experiences to help you realise that your version of success is attainable. Her vulnerability will inspire you to step into your truth, lean in and answer the question, ‘how are you really? Available on, R402

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