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This is how you can be kinder to yourself this year

Consider adding one more resolution to your list this year, and it’s not what you think.

It’s so easy to berate ourselves for things we’re not doing right, and it’s even harder to extend kindness to others if we’re not particularly kind to ourselves.

When was the last time you gave yourself an ‘A’ for showing up, and doing your best? You soldiered on through the pandemic, moments of uncertainty, and your personal struggles. So before you beat yourself up for not sticking to your resolutions, consider that giving yourself grace could be exactly what you need.

Image: Unsplash

It would help to remind yourself that you’re so much more than your wins or losses. Your value is innate, and therefore immeasurable. And don’t be afraid to celebrate the small victories too, as these serve to remind you how resilient you are.

It takes small daily habits to challenge the negative voices in your head so consider incorporating daily affirmations into your morning routine. And when you catch yourself slipping into old habits, gently remind yourself to be kind. Make 2023 your soft girl era, you deserve it! And remember, it starts with you!

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