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Maintain a healthy glow with Telli Swift’s Self-Care Routine

Telli Swift is an entrepreneur who runs several companies rooted in all things wellness – the definition of a girl on the go! Despite her busy schedule, she still prioritizes self-care.

Meticulous about planning out every moment of her day, Telli swears by an organized schedule, a checklist, and most of all, a routine. She prioritizes her goals and aspirations daily, and sets the tone with a soothing shower, meditation, positive affirmations and sipping on green juice. Her body is her temple, in every sense.

The self-care goddess is engaged to champion boxer, Deontay Wilder, and loves incorporating health into her relationship. The dynamic duo, who founded the fragrance line D’Telli together, also enjoy working out as a couple - although Telli admits that Deontay’s workouts are “a bit too intense” for her, which makes sense as he is hot off the heels of a big victory.

When she’s not planning new D’Telli launches, Telli’s time is spent developing new companies and working on philanthropic projects. From her new juices Oishii Me coming soon, to her Telli Talks podcast, the businesswoman is also very devoted to her nonprofit, Boxing WAGS Association Inc.

We were elated when she pencilled us in for an exclusive Glamour Q&A.

She chats her daily routine, beauty, wellness, and fitness tips that keep her looking and feeling her best as she navigates her different roles.

Glamour: You're an entrepreneur who has tackled various elements of wellness, from fragrance to juicing. What is your favorite way to practice wellness in your daily life?

Telli: Having my green juice every morning (Oishii Me juices coming soon), to make sure I get my greens in for the day! I also meditate in the shower and go over what my day is going to be by speaking positive affirmations to make sure I achieve/complete everything I have going on.

Glamour: With such a busy schedule wearing many hats, when do you feel the most grounded, and how do you find time to prioritize balance?

TS: I feel the most grounded both in the shower in the morning, or in the bed at night. The morning because I can plan and organize everything I want to come out of that day/schedule. In the evening because I can re-evaluate all I accomplished and assist how that day went and thank God for allowing me to prosper.

Glamour: Do you and Deontay practice health/wellness together? Do you like working out together, or doing other practices like yoga/meditation, etc?

TS: We both have our own workouts. We’ve definitely worked out together before but his workouts are a bit too intense for me. Last time I worked out with him about two weeks ago, I ate pizza (his favorite food) and literally threw up right after we worked out. As far as mediation he has a secret mediation room he has at our house. I just find it easier to meditate in the shower and relax before my hectic day starts every morning.

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