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South African wellness guru Jessica Sepel shares her top health tips to promote balance

When it comes to creating a life defined by balance, no one’s tips and tricks resonate more than that of Jessica Sepel. Founder of JSHealth Vitamins, the South African-born supplements queen and wellness entrepreneur is the go-to girl for all things holistic living.

Jessica created an empire stemming from her passion for all elements of health and wellness. In search of the most innovative ways to improve healthy habits pertaining to physical and mental well-being, skincare and beauty, hair growth, and various other elements of healthy living, Jessica built her brand to improve everyone’s access to her expert tips and tricks. As a clinical nutritionist, Jessica’s brand is backed by science and medicine, giving her consumers only the most optimal products on the market.

“I hope to continue this journey, helping spread a healthy balanced nutrition message and give more of the world access to our supplement and topical product ranges,” Jessica exclusively shares with GLAMOUR South Africa. “Our formulations can support so many who may be struggling with health concerns, as well as offer science-focused self-care tools.”

Jessica opens to GLAMOUR SA to reflect on her journey as a wellness entrepreneur, building an intentional brand, and how her upbringing in South Africa inspired her path.

How did your upbringing and roots in South Africa influence your passion for health and wellness, and eventual career path?

I was fortunate enough to be brought up in a healthy home. Both my parents really prioritized wellness, healthy holidays and cooking wholesome food. We spent almost half the year in Plettenberg Bay, where swimming, hiking and cooking nourishing meals from fresh and local produce and foods that we found at the markets was such a big part of our lives. I am sure this very much influenced my passion for wellness.

What do you cherish most about South Africa and what memories do you hold the closest to you in your day-to-day life?

Growing up in Plett some of the year where we really live a healthy life was very special.

Also growing up watching my grandmother meditate, take her vitamins religiously, hike as a hobby and prioritize feeling well in her overall way of living is something I cherish as part of our upbringing.

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JSHealth Vitamins has changed the lives of so many people around the world - what element of the company are you most proud of?

100% the community and the way the formulations are helping our customers feel the health, happiness and confidence they deserve. Our reviews literally get me to our work everyday. We have 41,000 genuine, verified customer reviews - which reminds the JSHealth team and I everyday that we have a higher purpose and passion with building this company - helping people to feel their best and thrive. What an honor and blessing it is to run a purpose and passion fuelled business.

While you've achieved so much, what do you still hope to do in the next 5 years?

I hope to continue this journey, helping spread a healthy balanced nutrition message and give more of the world access to our supplement and topical product ranges. Our formulations can support so many who may be struggling with health concerns, as well as offer science-focused self-care tools. I would also love to start a family of our own, as this is something I haven't felt ready to do yet with growing the business to be what it is, however it will be on the horizon!

Would you consider yourself a regimented person? And if so, what does your daily wellness routine look like, and what are some non-negotiables for you?

I am extremely committed to a 30 minutes morning and nightime routine. This really sets me up for a healthy day and then allows me to wind down for a restful sleep - so I have the energy and focus for the next day. When it comes to exercise, I prefer to listen and tune into my body these days. When I wake up, I jump onto the JSHealth App and do workouts that my body is craving. Kindness and flexibility is what I choose over regimes - as having a healthy relationship with my body is my priority. Switching my phone off by 8.30pm is a non-negotiable. It helps me to unwind and prepare my mind to relax for a rejuvenating sleep.

For those who may find it daunting to kickstart their own health journeys, what are some easy tips to ease into it to create a long-lasting and maintainable routine?

Know that small consistent changes become big changes! 20 minutes of moving your body a day, done regularly, is all you need. I would suggest finding ways of movement that get you excited and feeling good and committing to this as a start. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many choices or daunting movements. Keep it simple and show up, even if it's just a short movement session, it all counts!

Whenever you feel like you need to shake things up, what fitness or health hack do you turn to?

Believe it or not, for me it is shaking things up LESS and committing to rest wherever possible to slow down my nervous system.

And if I feel like shaking it up fitness wise - I head into the JSHealth App where Australia’s top fitness gurus can help! I select an App workout or yoga flow from there that I don’t usually do to try something new.

When do you feel the most empowered? It can be when you're working out, something special you're wearing, trying new recipes, etc.

When I speak to and connect with the JSHealth community - genuinely. I see the way the JSHealth philosophy (balance and kindness) has helped so many - this is so empowering to myself and, of course, for them. This is why I believe the JSHealth community is one of the most powerful and special in the world!

You have such a busy schedule - how do you create balance in your life and still prioritize making time for you?

My morning and nightime routines really allow for balance as mentioned

– Weekends OFF to rest

– Saying NO to people when I need to

– Annual holiday off my phone and emails

– Being okay with disappointing people when I need to put myself first

What message do you hope to send to your consumers about the power and importance of holistic wellness?

Balance DOES exist! Having a healthy relationship with food and your body is the most important thing to achieve true wellness, that lasts.

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