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The GLAMOUR team share their go-to wellness practices

We asked the Glamour team what their tried-and-tested self-care and wellness practices are – for when things get a bit much.

Nontando Mposo, Editor-In-Chief

My go-to wellness practice is hot yoga three times a week, which benefits my overall mental and physical health. Consisting of deep breathing, a series of positions, movements, and meditation, yoga is a great way to relax and tone. I get to switch off from the outside world and focus all my energy on healing my mind and body. Plus, yoga is known to be an anti-ageing tonic. For self-care, I enjoy treating myself to a long, warm bubble bath to relax my muscles and help me sleep better. During the bath, I’ll often enjoy a glass of red wine and listen to good music, also a great pick-me-up.

Jason Alexander Basson, Fashion Director

Meditation. In addition to the long list of scientifically proven benefits to your mental and physical wellbeing, such as coping with stress, anxiety, depression, attention or sleep disorders, I love it because it gets me out of my head, the past and the future and back into the here and now. It makes me feel grounded and more connected to my body and the world around me. I think it also makes me more empathic. When you understand yourself and aren’t afraid to look at your dark side, it really helps you understand other people better. I try to take that feeling of serenity, clarity and focus into my daily activities, so I’m constantly meditating. I find it makes me more creative and quicker at solving problems too.

Robyn Pretorius, Art Director

Is it fine if I just say a shower?! My wellness check-in right now is MediHand manis and MediHeel pedis.

Lisa Abdellah, Senior Copy Editor

You can achieve a sense of calm – people call it the flow state – by other means, but, for me, it’s running that helps me reconnect with myself. It’s not only great for your physical health, but it’s ideal if, like me, you’re an over-thinker. I like to do it alone, shifting my focus inward to the steady rhythm of my breathing and feet, how my body feels in the moment and controlling my effort accordingly, counting metres and kilometres. I refuel my tired muscles with a cooked breakfast, followed by mediation or a breathing exercise to kickstart rest and digest. Power naps are a great option too. Try this to get to sleep: inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of seven, exhale for a count of eight. Repeat five times.

Tania Durand, Fashion Director

Every second week, I connect with a group of women on a safe platform to share challenges that I or we face and our wisdom. It’s helpful to know I can be vulnerable and know there’s no judgement, only complete support. I realise I’m not alone, as other women support me who face similar challenges to me. Another of my favourite self-care practices is exercising at home with my husband, which helps us connect as we work on our fitness.

Walter Hayward, Managing and Syndication Editor

Everyone needs a self-care day every so often, and, for me, that means spending some time alone. I have a tiny social battery, exacerbated by multiple lockdowns, so I find peace in being by myself. I tend to put my phone away in favour of reading a book, listening to music or playing video games. At night, following a lengthy skincare routine is a surefire way to relax.

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